Belonging to Heaven

by Gale Sears

Belonging to Heaven
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Hawaii. A land of deep tradition and rich culture. A people of family and faith. A paradise on earth.

Jonathan Napela is a descendant of the Hawaiian royal line, and his future is bright with a new wife and a position of influence in the community. As a devout man, he believes in God, but he feels there is something more—something he is missing. When he meets Elder George Q. Cannon and is introduced to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Jonathan feels as though he has finally found where he belongs.

Jonathan's friendship with George provides remarkable opportunities for the young Hawaiian to grow in his new faith. His joy in the gospel is tested though, when he is challenged by those he once called friends, and later when he struggles to gather Saints to Laie. And when leprosy threatens to take his beautiful wife, Kitty, from him, Jonathan faces an impossible choice: send his wife to the leper colony of Moloka'i alone, or risk how own life to accompany her. Drawing on his deep reservoirs of faith, Jonathan comes to understand that opening his heart to sacrifice is the purest expression of love.

This novel, based on a true story, is an extraordinary example of a man who chooses to serve God and family when others might have given up.

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I was fascinated by the history
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Belonging to Heavennofollow is the true story of George Q. Cannon’s mission to the Hawaiian Islands. Elder Cannon and a small group of elders are called to preach the Gospel to the European immigrants in Hawaii, but George feels the Spirit call him to teach the native population. George dedicates himself to learning the language and culture so that he can better preach the Gospel to the Hawaiians. Along the way he meets and teaches Jonathan Napela, whose royal blood and position of influence make for an unstoppable force for the Lord. We follow these two men through Elder Cannon’s four year mission, Jonathan’s conversion and tremendous work as a missionary in Hawaii, and their decades of friendship. The stories in Belonging to Heavennofollow are taken directly from George Q. Cannon’s journal entries and other historical documents of the time. Jonathan himself had a hand in translating the Book of Mormon into Hawaiian (the first non-European translation) and helped shape the model of language immersion that we still practice in the MTC today. His life was full of unbelievable trials, but his faith was unparalleled and he lived a dedicated life of service until the end.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It took no time to reach a point where I couldn’t put it down. Gale Searsfollow has a wonderful talent for helping you feel like you are part of the story. Her historical novels are full of emotion, and she does such a good job of painting the picture for you that you get a true sense of the context of the time period. I was fascinated by the history.

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AMAZING!!! Beautiful
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Sister Sears does it again!!! This might be my favorite. I could not put it down and I was in tears more then once. A beautiful story and well written by a true author. Love, friendship, great church history, wonderful Hawaiian saints, and the story of courage!!! Can't wait to share this with all those I love!!
Thank you Gale for your talent!!

Love the glimpse of early Hawaiian Latter-Day Saints
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I was so excited to read this book about Jonathan Napela, he was mentioned in a show about the early LDS Church in Hawaii that I love and I'd been wanting to learn more about him ever since. This novel is well researched and just an amazing story about the life of Jonathon, his wife Kitty, and George Q Cannon, the man who is responsible for Jonathon being baptized. I loved the glimpse of early Hawaiian Latter Day Saints this book gave. I really loved the way it portrayed Jonathon and his wife, and especially Jonathon's faith. I also really loved the way that it portrayed the love that George Q Cannon had for these amazing people. This is a book that you won't want to miss!

About the Author

Gale Sears

Gale Sears is an award-winning author, known for her historical accuracy and intensive research. Gale received a BA in playwriting from Brigham Young University and a master’s degree in theater arts from the University of Minnesota. She is the author of the bestselling The Silence of God, Letters in the Jade Dragon Box, and several other novels, including The Route, Christmas for a Dollar, Autumn Sky, Until the Dawn, and Upon the Mountains. She and her husband, George, are the parents of two children and reside in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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