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By , Submitted on 2017-07-22

I have read a lot of books about life on the other side of the veil because I am fascinated with the subject, but I have never read a book that I have enjoyed more than "beyond deaths door". I learned so much and it answered so many of my questions,! I read it to my 94 year old mother and she is now no longer anxious about death, in fact I think she's a little excited about it! I especially appreciate the multitude of scripture references that the authors used to validate their information.. They have brought new insights about where we go and what life on the other side will be like. I was especially intrigued by the chapter describing hell, because I haven't read many accounts about that. I highly recommend this book, in fact I plan to buy one for each of my children because it is a warning to make wise choices while we exist on earth because it's up to us where we will spend eternity.. I loved this book, thank you brother and sister Top for writing this amazing and informative book!