Beyond Perfection

by Juli Hiatt Caldwell


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Product Description

Her high-strung mother is determined to marry her off . . .
\n\nHer teenage sister is spinning wildly out of control . . .
\n\nHer twin sister’s childhood sweetheart is being lured away from her . . .
\n\nHer overzealous home teacher has stalker tendencies . . .\n\n

Lizzie Benson’s world couldn’t be further from perfect, and the last thing\n\nshe needs is a man to complicate her life. But then she meets the “untouchable”\n\nWill Pemberley—the outrageously cute institute president who thinks\n\nall coeds are on the hunt for a husband. When Will asks Lizzie out, she is\n\ndetermined to show him how “not on the hunt” she is.\n\n

Beyond Perfection is a wild ride through the Beehive State—from the\n\nUniversity of Utah to the exhaust-laden air of a Friday night in downtown\n\nOgden. Authors Juli Caldwell and Erin McBride send Lizzie, Will, and\n\nLizzie Benson’s entire family on a crash course with destiny.\n

About the Author

Juli Hiatt Caldwell

Juli Hiatt Caldwell was born in Anaheim, California, went to school in Utah, then spent some time working as a nanny in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, where she met Erin Ann for the first time. She and her husband, Bryan, have been married for six years and are the proud parents of the two craziest, most adorable little girls on the planet. They live on Florida's beautiful Space Coast.

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