Bind Up the Broken Hearted Picture Pack

by Sandy Freckleton Gagon

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Perfect for lessons, home evening, baptism, or any even where visual depictions make an impact. Each pack comes with 12 - 3x4 images.

About the Author

Sandy Freckleton Gagon

A preeminent realist painter, Sandy – as do all great masters – carries on the traditions and canons of classical art ideology practiced from the Renaissance down through 19th century. Her paintings and drawings demonstrate her virtuosity, a manifestation of unparalleled technical excellence, which result in great works of lasting beauty. Sandy’s unsurpassed knowledge of anatomy, color theory and design, facilitate her portrayal of the human condition – in all its complexities – with breathtaking elegance. Adept at all genres, her still life paintings excel at depicting her deep love of objects and how they are affected by light and shadow; they are metaphoric landscapes of symmetry and solemnity Sandy’s husband is writer, Dave Gagon. They have three children.

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