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Extremely well thought out
By , Submitted on 2018-06-20

Thank you Brother Callister for such a wonderful book! Your logic, stories, scriptural references and examples will definitely help me as I share the gospel with others both inside and outside of the church. I’ve listened to the book twice and downloaded the ebook. Thanks for making both available to Plus members.

A Missionary Prep MUST!!
By , Submitted on 2018-04-29

This book wonderfully outlines the complete and true gospel as taught by Jesus Christ, offering scripture support from the Bible, the Book of Mormon and writings from theological scholars. It can be very difficult to bridge the knowledge gap of non-member and even part member families. The facts as presented, are thorough, kind and loving. What blessing this book has been!

Every member should read and study this book!
By , Submitted on 2018-04-22

Every member should read and study this book! This brilliantly and inspired writing should be in everyone's Gospel Library. Elder Callister has written a masterful work that articulates each major church doctrine and beautifully supports how theses doctrines are supported in the Bible as taught in the early church by Christ and His apostles. This book will be a valuable reference to anyone who teaches the gospel or who needs insight to skillfully teach Church doctrine supported by both the Book of Mormon and the Bible. This work will also be critical to many who need a stronger testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have taught the Gospel for most of my life in various teaching capacities and callings. After reading this book, I have come away with a deepened testimony of the Gospel and the truthfulness of the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Elder Callister''s work truly illustrates to the reader how the Book of Mormon is a second witness of the Bible. This is a must read for every member of the Church.

Faith Building!
By , Submitted on 2017-11-25

When it comes to learning more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, it can be hard to know where to start. Understanding all of the beliefs and doctrines the church teaches can take a lifetime to fully comprehend. Tad R. Callister is very well known for his pronounced knowledge of the gospel. In the Blueprint of Christ’s Church, that knowledge really shows. If you are not a member that is interested in what the church believes, a new coming member, or even a lifelong member that wants to gain more insight, this book is for you! Callister lays out the fundamental doctrines that make up what the entire church is built on. In a step by step explanation of these basic teachings, this church, that boldly claims to be Christ’s, comes to life with light and meaning. Your testimony will be strengthened, as was mine. I would even say that this book should be on every member’s shelf. It a world that attempts to tear apart everything that this church stands for, this book will set straight everything the great message of the gospel is about and more peace will follow as you better understand why this “blueprint” is so important for us to understand in these modern times.

By , Submitted on 2016-07-20

After reading Tad R Callister previous books such as, the Great Apostasy and the Infinite Atonement, I chose to read his newest book, The Blueprint Of Christ's Church. I found this book to be a education experience as I read.This book taught me about the important factors that make up Christ’s church. The book is broken up spectacularly to help explain how Christ’s church works and how Christ set it up originally. This book is written for reading levels of a young adult to an elderly person. All types of ages can read this book, and find enjoyment. It doesn’t make the assumption that the reader already knows the doctrine and principles of Christ church. Callister breaks it down each doctrine and principle.
One thing I love about this book is that you don’t need to read the book chapters in order. The reader can find a topic to search it out and study the topic. The book is made to study, not just to read cover to cover. With it comes scripture support so the the reader can see, read, and study his the direct source of each doctrinal points. I found this book to be very entertaining because the author explaining explains the outline of doctrinal truths in using analogies, metaphors, and scriptures. I would recommend this book to people trying to gain an understanding of why the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints believe they are Christ’s church restored to the earth. I would also recommend this book to individuals that who are searching for a deeper understanding of these key factors the doctrine of the LDS church. The Blueprint of Christ’s Church can give you one a sound understanding of what the LDS church believes.

Enhancement and organization of what was already in my brain
By , Submitted on 2015-09-30

I've been a member all of my life, but hearing the way he describes the basic aspects of our faith in such a manner, brought me great clarity. My mind really appreciates seeing the patterns he shows us. It's easy to read, albeit a bit dry at moments...just because a good portion of the information isn't "new" to me, but the way he organizes that information and ties it in with history is quite enlightening. There is definitely new material here, like the history behind the Nicene Creed (and if you don't know what that is, he explains that as well). It is quite convincing of the purity of our church structure and the Gospel as we teach it. Sometimes it's interesting to just step back and see the church as God intends it. As a great resource for talks, I am recommending it to my Bishopric since they speak so often!

Absolutely incredible read.
By , Submitted on 2015-06-16

In The Blueprint of Christ's Church, the reader is presented with an incredibly readable account of Christ's church, the apostasy, and the restoration of the gospel and Christ's church known today as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I've never read a clearer presentation of the foundational principles of the church and the main doctrines associated with it. The organization and design of the book are fabulous and help the reader find the parts they are most interested in reading (although I recommend you read the whole thing). There is a note from the author at the end of the book addressed specifically to readers who are not members of the LDS Church. A truly wonderful book that I heartily loved reading. The writing is so easy to follow and the quotes and scriptures used add to the reader's understanding of the points the author is trying to make.

By , Submitted on 2015-06-08

I have really enjoyed this book. It's broken up into small sections that are digestable. I was able to search for those things that I wanted to learn more about and read those sections. I didn't have to read through a lot of material to find what I was looking for. This book will answer questions for both friends of other faiths and those who share my beliefs. I highly recommend this to anyone whether they are searching for answers or not.

A book for any Student of the Doctrines of the Gospel
By , Submitted on 2015-06-04

I am enjoying this book so much. I really like how it is designed. And just like the title, everything is laid out in a way that Member and Investigator alike can really start to understand the way that Christ set up his church from the beginning. Most of the scriptures are taken from the bible so it is packed with answers to even the most difficult questions we might get from those researching our church. I can feel my brain absorbing bits and pieces of truths and doctrines that I have know and been taught before, but never retained.