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TV Timer BOB helps parents monitor and manage the time their children spend watching TV and playing Video Games.

Television and Video Game Time Management continues to receive acclaims from researchers to improve your children's grades, health and family harmony.

End the Argument

  • No more “Turn off that TV!” arguments.
  • Research shows improved grades and health.
  • TV Timer BOB teaches good habits in personal time management.

Parents decide an acceptable amount of viewing time for each child per day or per week. When a child's preset viewing time expires, BOB shuts off the attached TV, video-game system or computer monitor and won't allow it to be turned on by that user for the remainder of the day (or week).

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This is exactly what I had been looking for. No more fighting about when to watch TV or play video games. When I want to turn it off, I just push one button, not try to wrestle the remote away from my son. - Linda, Spring Creek, NV

“A wonderful product that has made life with 3 kids much easier.” - Jim from Colorado

“My 8 year old is re-discovering that we have a backyard!” - Dee from Florida


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Hooray, I don't have to be the bad guy anymore!
By , Submitted on 2016-02-01

We've had a B.O.B. screen time monitor for our tv and video consoles for about 10 years and I just bought another one. Before we got "Bob" I would tell the kids "5 more minutes" and then I'd set the microwave timer and come tell them their time was up. Invariably they would say something like, "Our show only has 2 minutes left." or "Can't we just watch until the commercial break?" I'd either cave in or end up having to tell them that the time was up and the tv would have to go off. They'd blame and resent me and I’d end up feeling like the bad guy.

Once we got Bob I started hearing the wonderful sound of Bob beeping to indicate the kids’ tv time was ending followed by rapid footsteps up the stairs with the kids urgently telling me "Bob is going to turn the tv off. Will you please give me more time?" I'd tell them that once they did their chores or finished their homework or had gone outside and played for an hour or something similar that they could ask again. I’m thrilled at how motivated they’ve been to do what is required to get more tv time.

I really like how the beeping alerts them to their time ending so they have time to save a game or to pause a show. They can always check Bob and see how much time they have left and sometimes they even negotiate with their siblings to pool their time and watch a longer show or play a game together.

The funniest thing happened right after we got Bob. We were going on vacation and the kids came to us really concerned and asked "We're not going to take Bob on vacation are we?" I remember telling them I thought he'd feel bad if we left him at home and you should have heard the groans.

Most of all it's been a relief to not have their frustration directed at me as much when their tv time ends. Now Bob is the bad guy and I just get to tell them that they get x amount of minutes a day and they can use them how they choose. Then if they do what needs to be done I can give them extra time as a reward. I love that I get to reward them now instead of always being the one who had to pull the plug.

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