The Book of Malchus

by Neil Newell, William Hamblin

The Book of Malchus

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"Historical fiction at its finest." —Association for Mormon Letters

"The Book of Malchus is a masterful piece of historical fiction. Like the characters in the book, Neil K. Newell and William J. Hamblin take the readers on a fascinating voyage - one that includes adventure, danger, faith, and sacrifice." —Mormon Times

"Don't try starting this book at night if you have to get up early." — Association for Mormon Letters

A book for all who believe and especially for those who want to believe.

It is A.D. 410 and Rome, the symbol of order and civilization, has fallen — sacked by and army of barbarians. Renowned pagan philosopher Lucius Crescentius struggles to make sense of it. Why had the gods allowed it? Could it be they are merely stone after all? Has everything he has known all his life - everything he has studies, believed, and worked for — been a lie?

But as Lucius struggles to understand his world, he makes a startling discovery: a hidden and mysterious record written by a long-dead ancestor — a merchant explorer by the name of Malchus. Malchus' tale reveals a story of high adventure on the sea, of unexpected romance, and of barbarian ways in a strange, faraway land. He also tells of an even stranger story about a chance encounter with a man from Galilee that is destined to change his life forever.

In Rome, chants of death and destruction fill the streets. How can Lucius reconcile yesterday's Rome with the chaos of today? As Lucius struggles to make sense of a world turned upside down, he turns to the strange and exciting Book of Malchus, hoping that within those pages, he might discover a new path and new meaning for his life.

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A great read!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I thoroughly enjoyed the book! Well written from start to finish and I found the historical notes at the end of each chapter a nice addition. Will be recommending this to friends and family.

Great read!!!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

My husband and I started reading this book at the same time which was a mistake because we kept trying to steal it from each other. In hind sight, we probably should’ve just bought two copies.  I loved this book. It is well written and full of humor, adventure, mystery, tragedy, love, and hope. What more could you want from a book?! I also found the historical insights at the end of each chapter very interesting. They helped make the story more real as I was able to understand the background more fully. I hope that there will be more books coming from this author as I am left wanting more!

Couldn't put it down!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I took it home one evening and couldn't put it down. I stayed up reading until four in the morning and finished it. It's a wonderful story, beautifully laid out, that reached down to touch my soul. I let my parents read it, and they ate it up as well.

About the Authors

Neil Newell

Neil Newell has written plays, screenplays, and novels, as well as more than one hundred articles in national publications. He has worked for many years for LDS Welfare Services and teaches creative writing at Brigham Young University.

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William Hamblin

William Hamblin is a professor of history at BYU, specializing in the ancient and medieval Near East. He is the author of dozens of articles and several books, most recently Solomon's Temple: Myth and History (with David Seely). Hamblin is currently in Jerusalem doing teaching and research.

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