Book of Mormon Archaeology and Anthropology: Articles from BYU Studies

by Compilation, BYU Studies

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This compilation of groundbreaking Book of Mormon articles is selected from over fifty years of LDS scholarship published by BYU Studies. This volume features articles on archaeological and anthropological aspects of the Book of Mormon, such as the use of the wheel in ancient America, Hagoth and the Polynesian tradition, the Mulekites, ancient writing in the Americas, and the use of metal plates in the ancient world.

Archaeological Trends and the Book of Mormon Origins
John E. Clark
Notes on “Lehi’s Travels”
Robert J. Matthews
The Wheel in Ancient America
Paul R. Cheesman
Hagoth and the Polynesian Tradition
Jerry K. Loveland
The “Mulekites”
John L. Sorenson
Ancient Writing in the Americas
Paul R. Cheesman
The Book of Mormon as an Ancient Book
C. Wilfred Griggs
Metallic Documents of Antiquity
H. Curtis Wright
Two Ancient Roman Plates
John W. Welch and Kelsey D. Lambert
A Metallurgical Provenance Study of the Marcus Herennius Military Diploma
Michael J. Dorais and Garret L. Hart
An Analysis of the Padilla Gold Plates
Ray T. Matheny
Mormonism’s Encounter with the Michigan Relics
Mark Ashurst-McGee
Tools Leave Marks: Material Analysis of the Scotford-Soper-Savage Michigan Relics
Richard B. Stamps

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