Book of Mormon Battles

by James H. Fullmer

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Book of Mormon Battles is an exciting game of strategy and chance. Players battle one another using 56 different heroes and villains from the Book of Mormon. Use the cards as they are, or strengthen them with POWER cards, like Faith, Wickedness, Secret Combinations, or Title of Liberty. Choose a Conversion card to change a villain to a hero, or combine all your forces using the Battle card. The highest score wins the round, and the winner adds the defeated cards to his own ranks. But beware . . . Stripling Warriors or Famine cards may change everything. Let the battle begin!

Book of Mormon Battles will immerse you in the lives of the people of the Book of Mormon. It's a game the whole family will love!

About the Author

James H. Fullmer

James H. Fullmer is the creator and illustrator of the landmark book Other Heroes of the Book of Mormon, as well as the bestselling LDS games Book of Mormon Battles and Warriors of the Promised Land. His work has been featured in Who's Who in the Book of Mormon and Women of the Book of Mormon, and he continues to work on other projects celebrating the heroes of the scriptures. James teaches seminary in Fond du Lac, WI, where he lives with his wife and four blond boys (who all bear a striking resemblance to Franklin).

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Great Way to Grow Closer to the Scriptures
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I bought this game on a whim. I love to play games, and I thought it looked like it could be kind of fun. I was blown away by how much fun I had with this game. The illustrations are delightful, and I really like that the Stripling Warriors Card basically beats everything. It's played similarly to the game "War" but with familiar characters from The Book of Mormon, and an ability to apply strategy, Book of Mormon Battles will provide hours of fun and entertainment for a whole family.

Help yourself and your children become more familiar with the characters in The Book of Mormon, from faithful Nephi and Moroni, to sinister Gadianton and Laman. When a child asks why one card wins, have them look at the scriptures referenced on each card to find out more about the characters printed and they will become far more familiar with the stories and people recorded in The Book of Mormon.

I recommend it for all ages. I'm a YSA, and I love it, my friends love it, and my young nieces love it. Really it's great for anyone who wants to have fun learning more about The Book of Mormon characters.

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