The Book of Mormon: A Pattern for Parenting

by Geri Brinley


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Product Description

If you're tired of second-guessing your approach to parenting as you hear conflicting advice from a range of sources, you need The Book of Mormon: A Pattern for Parenting. In this landmark new volume, Geri Brinley introduces 13 timeless parenting principles and shows that the Book of Mormon is a divine parenting resource given to assist us as we struggle with the challenge of raising a family &mash; especially in today's increasingly wicked and confusing world. Topics include:

  • Knowing What to Teach

  • One-on-One Parenting

  • Teaching by Example

  • Using Positive Reinforcement

  • Allowing Natural Consequences

  • Correcting Children with Love

  • Listen! Listen! Listen!

    and more

Filled with practical advice for every parent, The Book of Mormon: A Pattern for Parenting provides a refreshing new perspective as it uses teachings from the Book of Mormon to show the Lord's way to parent. You'll find yourself reading this book again and again as you increase your dedication to raising your children in a manner pleasing to you and to our Father in Heaven.

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Geri Brinley

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Great book!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I have enjoyed this book. It has helped to make notes in the margins as I go along to try and get my thoughts organized. I really like her style of writing. I recommend this book when you are on your last nerve with your kids and feel like you need help find a spiritual reconnection in reference to kids.

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