Book of Mormon Quiz Bee

by Mary H. Ross

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Fly to Quiz Bee's hive of 28 Book of Mormon stories and test your "sweet" knowledge of the scriptures. Quiz Bee will buzz questions at you, and you can zip the answers right back. You will be amazed at how much you know and how fast your testimony will grow!

To use this "honey" of a deck, first read the story, paying close attention to the details. Then buzz on to the question card that corresponds to test what you know. You can see your answers at the bottom of each question card. If you don't do very well, stick to it! Reread the story and try it again!

Have fun with friends and family by playing in teams, awarding one point per answer. One team can make turns answering until someone on the team misses. Don't forget to fly high and test the Book of Mormon promise (Moroni 10:3-5)!

About the Author

Mary H. Ross

Mary Ross is an energetic mother who loves to help children and young women have a good time while they learn. Mary and her husband, Paul, and their daughter live in Sandy, Utah.

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