Book of Mormon (Symposium Series): 3 Nephi 9-30, This Is My Gospel

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In the dread three-day darkness that had spread over the land they heard the voice of the Savior proclaiming the extent of the destruction that had been visited upon the wicked. Then came the sweet invitation to those who had been spared: "If ye will come unto me ye shall have eternal life."

Chapters 9 through 30 of 3 Nephi are perhaps the most choice part of the entire Book of Mormon, since almost all of it chronicles the transcendent visit of the risen Lord to the Nephite Saints, His profound teachings, and His amazing, compassionate ministry. His recorded actions and utterances during this period offer remarkable scope for a reverent and knowledgeable review such as that done by sixteen scholars in this book.

The title chapter addresses two fundamental and inseparable questions the Savior answered: What is His gospel, and what name is His church to bear? Acknowledging that there may be other definitions, the author speaks to his summary of the Lord's focus: "The gospel is the glad tidings concerning the infinite and eternal anointing sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ." Built upon that foundation, the true and duly authorized church will be called by His name.

Various authors here present both a broad view and specific, focused views of Jesus as He appears in 3 Nephi, with the recognition that what He said and did is of great importance to us.

The 3 Nephi text, like that of the entire Book of Mormon, is shown to be "remarkably efficient" and to give "extraordinary unity and coherence to... its message." Readers will be inspired and stimulated by the informed commentary that will help them reach deeper and richer meanings in this sublime scripture.


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