Angels in Every Storm

by Rachelle Pace Castor

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Product Description

For young Valery's family, the highlight of the Christmas season is lifting the lid of Great-Grandmother Agnes's story trunk and sitting at her feet as she weaves tales of the past. This year, it is Valery's turn to life the lid, and she eagerly anticipates choosing the Christmas story. The tale that follows will draw the family deep into Agnes's past to a small French village in war-torn France, where a family is divided and two resilient young children learn the true meaning of Christmas.

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Size5.5 x 8.5
PublishedCovenant Communications 2018

About the Author

Rachelle Pace Castor

As the second of twelve children, Rachelle learned to love children from an early age. "My mother taught me that children are the closest thing to heaven, while my father taught me how to live a little closer to heaven." Over the years, Rachelle has taught children in a variety of subjects: dance, preschool, theater, reading, and the gospel. She has written numerous stories for the Friend magazine. Her greatest happiness has been found in her three sons, Sam, Rich, and Joe; daughter-in-law, Annalise; and being Grammy to her remarkable Peter, Alina, and all those to come. Rachelle owes her gratitude for life's moments of truth to her husband, Dough, "the most cherished of traveled companions through a lifetime of learning and loving."

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