Born Brave

by Katherine Nelson

Born brave

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Katherine Nelson’s new CD Born Brave boldly pays tribute to the triumphs and challenges in every woman's life. Recorded in Nashville, the songs explore themes of heartache and joy through her distinctive voice and songwriting. Nelson, the star of “Emma Smith: My Story,” says "I wanted to create an album that lets every mother, wife, sister and daughter know that even the greatest challenges can be overcome."

About the Author

Katherine Nelson

Born and raised in Southern California, her musical landscape has included everything from route-66 roads of country, classic and alternative rock, jazz, and folk dotting just about every stop musically on the map to shaping her own solid ground. She believes in discovering uncharted territory as well as staying true to the core of where she came from. It's no surprise to Katherine that her journey has lead her to Nashville, having written and recorded out of the same studios as musical legends like Johnny Cash, Sinatra, and the like. Reflecting the heat, shine, and sparkle of the Golden State, Katherine believes music is the bright spot in life's path that inspires us to take big leaps, holds our hands during the hard, and pushes us through to the end.

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Every song is an inspiration.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

She has written for, and from the perspective of women. Life is hard, but we are brave, tough, courageous. And she can WRITE a lyric that stays with you and inspires you long after the CD stops it's spinning.
I am ordering one for each of my daughters as Christmas gifts. I would LOVE to be able to give one to each of the YW and the YSA girls, and wives, and moms.
Yes, it IS that good!

Really great!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I LOVED Katherine Nelson's voice on the EFY CDs, so I was excited to get a CD of hers! This is so great! I love this CD.

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