The Box That Christmas Came In

by Debbie G. Harman


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Product Description

Based on an inspiring true story that captures the magic and beauty of our most lasting holiday traditions . . .

The young couple's joy at bringing their twin girls home from the ICU is quickly dissolving into desperation. They are alone and hungry. There is no food in the small apartment, and the blizzard outside makes it almost impossible to go out. But it wouldn't matter if it were sunny outside. The family has no money. Then the doorbell rings and a small miracle happens — a miracle that will live on for generations.

Rekindle the fire of your own family traditions with this gentle story that reminds all of us that we are not alone — that our needs can be met by the hands of angels everywhere.

About the Author

Debbie G. Harman

Debbie Harman studied art at Snow College, where she met and married her husband, Ken. Since then, Debbie created the Family Dinner Cookbook, Cooking for Two, has illustrated a number of children’s books, and numerous clip art and other CD-ROM products. Debbie and Ken have four children and live in Manti, Utah, in a 112-year-old house they renovated. Debbie has served in the Relief Society and Primary programs, and is currently serving as stake Young Women’s president.

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