Brent L. Top on the Plan of Salvation: 3-in-1-eBook Bundle

by Brent L. Top, Wendy Top


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Product Description

Includes The Life Before, When You Can't Do It Alone, and Beyond Death's Door.

The Life Before: The Life Before first delves into such fascinating topics as our spiritual origins and capacities, premortal organization and harmony, agency, opposition, foreordination, the eternal nature of the priesthood, and the war in heaven — all elements that are “timeless.” The author's focus then shifts to a discussion of “time” — our earthly existence — and the reader learns what the “here and now” has to do with everything that happened “then.”

When You Can't Do It Alone: It's easy to trust in the Lord when everything's going your way. But what happens when you experience challenges and difficulties that leave you so spiritually exhausted that you can't see God's hand in your life? As a newly called mission president, author Brent L. Top experienced a severe emotional and spiritual crisis. Desperate for help, he discovered that knowing where to turn is not enough; we must allow the Savior to rescue us.

With remarkable candor, this gospel teacher shares a deeply personal story as he describes six essential ways to survive whatever trials we face. With compassion and understanding, he offers practical suggestions on how to stay focused on Christ and take hold of His outstretched hand when the storms of life are raging. This insightful and encouraging book is a must for anyone dealing with adversity.

Beyond Death's Door: A unique look at near-death experiences (NDEs) is presented in Beyond Death's Door. It considers NDEs in light of revealed truth, finding enlightening and exciting similarities to LDS doctrines on the afterlife.

'We were amazed at the similarities and consistencies between near-death accounts and the doctrines of the restored gospel,' the authors report, following years of careful research. Readers will be fascinated by the accounts, which include descriptions of a loving 'being of light'; having a perfect spirit body; the rapid, graphic review of one's mortal life; meeting with deceased loved ones; and spirits in radiant white robes.

Quoting scripture and the words of modern prophets, the authors show where LDS doctrine seems to support NDE reports and suggest possible explanations for NDEr perceptions that Latter-day Saint readers might question. Moreover, they offer comforting insights into death and the spirit world.

About the Authors

Brent L. Top

Brent L. Top is dean of Religious Education and former chair of Church history and doctrine at BYU. Brother Top has written numerous books, including coauthoring LDS Beliefs: A Doctrinal Reference, and is a popular speaker at BYU Education Week. He served as mission president of the Illinois Peoria Mission and is currently serving as a stake president. Brent and his wife, Wendy, are the parents of four children and live in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

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Wendy Top

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