Brigham Young: An Inspiring Personal Biography

by Susan Evans McCloud


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Product Description

Since the earliest days of the Church, Brigham Young has been a larger-than-life figure, inspring and motivating Saints of both yesterday and today. And now, author Susan Evans McCloud brings us a unique perspective on the man who, despite his incredible accomplishments as a prophet, colonizer, and businessman, valued his family and the individual Saints above all the treasure of the earth.

As an aggressive leader 'Brother Brigham' mobilized an entire population to make the desert bloom, and as a prophet of God he understood and declared the doctrines of salvation. But it was in his role as friend and family man that he displayed his most endearing qualities. From tenderly nursing his dying wife, to genially supervising his daughters' social activities, to comforting and inspiring many a discouraged missionary, he kept watch over his large family and many friends with heartwarming gentleness and devotion.

In this unique biography, Susan Evans McCloud gives the reader an intimate look into the mind and heart of this exceptional man. This new edition includes a foreword by Eugene England and an expanded index correlated with the Priesthood/Relief Society study guide.

About the Author

Susan Evans McCloud

Susan Evans McCloud is the mother of five children. She has published more than forty-five books in the LDS market. Her writings include poems, children's books, newspaper articles, screenplays, and hymns—including the well-loved 'Lord, I Would Follow Thee.'

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