Building a 3D Testimony

by Andrew Horton

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In this entertaining talk for youth, popular speaker and teacher Andrew Horton talks about three Ds—Deciding, Declaring, and Discovering—that will help us be true to ourselves and be firm in our testimonies of the gospel. Drawing on enlightening stories and examples from his life, teachings from the scriptures, and his trademark humor, Brother Horton illustrates how following these three Ds can help us weather the storms of life. He tells the hilarious story of when, as a kindergartner on a playground merry-go-round, he discovered that no matter how fast the sixth-graders spun him, he was fine as long as he stayed in the middle. But as soon as he started moving toward the outer edge of the merrygo- round, he couldn’t withstand the forces that were pulling him away. “Too often in life,” says Brother Horton, “the world is spinning very quickly, and we think we can try this and try that, and slowly we move away from the center. We get too close to the edge and that’s where the danger lies.” He says that friends can either drag us to the edge, or, if they are true friends, they can help us stay safely centered in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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About the Author

Andrew Horton

Andrew O. Horton was born in Idaho and raised mostly in Provo. He served his mission in California, where he was “shot at, chased, crawled on, smog-smothered, and converted.” He graduated from BYU and then later completed his master’s degree in education. Andy taught seminary for ten years, but presently, he is on assignment at the Church Office Building, where he designs new media for Seminary and Institute classrooms. Andy and his wife, Stephanie, are the parents of four girls and two boys. They enjoy watching their children play soccer and basketball. Some of their greatest memories have come from moments at the dinner table and trips to Disneyland.

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