The Burnheart Redemption

by Chelsea Curran

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Sixteen-year-old Adam Garrow ran away when he learned the truth about his father and his inheritance. Now years later, he’s returned home, but all is not as he remembered. The Garrow Estate is threatened, and Adam and his friend Ian O’Connor must set sail to find the rightful heir, restore what has been taken from them, and win the hearts of their lost loves.

About the Author

Chelsea Curran

Chelsea Curran lives in the desert valley of Arizona. Though secretly a romantic, she used to spend most of her time brooding over the idea of love until her college roommates (now best friends) introduced her to the exciting and fantastic world of romance novels. When she’s not teaching, dancing, painting, laughing or baking cookies, she’s in her blanket fort giggling over the handsome hero capturing the fair lady’s heart. And no matter how old she gets, that will never change.

Countless authors have inspired to her to write stories for those who seek the same ideas that brought her comfort, joy and hope for the future. By experience, she believes one good book can change a person’s life forever.

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