The Butterfly Box, Vol. 3: The Perfect Fit

by Michele Ashman Bell

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Product Description

The Butterfly Girls can’t wait to begin their fourteenth annual weekend reunion, a time to renew their bonds of friendship and honor the memory of their high school friend Ava. But a dark cloud of fear soon forms in their shared hotel room when they learn that one of their former classmates has been brutally murdered. And when new evidence suggests Ava was murdered as well, the friends realize one of them might be next.

Andi is glad to be taking the Butterfly Box with her to Hawaii, where she plans to spend a few weeks participating in a reality dating show. To her surprise, the eligible bachelor, Michael Makura, soon singles her out for attention, provoking jealous acts of sabotage from the other contestants. Soon a series of unusual events disrupts the pair’s fledgling romance, and Andi starts over in New York where she begins dating a great guy and accepts a job offer from a generous, eccentric man. But when Michael unexpectedly shows up, all is not well in the Big Apple. And soon Andi comes faceto- face with the man who killed her friend—and he aims to kill her as well.

About the Author

Michele Ashman Bell

Michele Ashman Bell grew up in St. George, Utah, where she met her husband, Gary, at Dixie College. They are the proud parents of four children: Weston, Kendyl, Andrea, and Rachel.

A favorite pastime of Michele’s is supporting her children in all of their activities, traveling both in and outside the United States with her husband and family, and doing research for her books. She also scuba dives. Aside from being a busy wife and mother, Michele is an aerobics instructor at the Life Centre Athletic Club near her home. Michele is the best-selling author of several books and a Christmas booklet and has also written children’s stories for the Friend magazine.

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The Perfect Fit for me
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This is an absolutely great book. The hero is Michael and the heroine is Andi. They are so adorable together. The protagonists, which are the women in the reality show, were great. Michele Ashman Bell had me laughing so much. In fact, every time Michael and Andi got together, I was constantly routing for him, saying to myself, "If she doesn't grab him up, I will." It's fun to read books that have heroes you adore and heroines that are independent.

A Suspenseful Reality Ride!!!!!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

The Perfect Fit by Michele Ashman Bell
This last installment in the Butterfly Box Trilogy was my favorite, as it tied everything up with a huge climax as to what caused Ava's accident. With a surprising and shocking prologue, it took me to about 3/4 through to figure out who was behind everything.

Andi Martin, fitness guru and the only remaining to be single, decides to apply to be a contestant on the reality show Looking For Mrs. Right that was taking place in Hawaii. Before she leaves for Hawaii, Andi receives a couple ominous e-mails. On the day before she is to arrive at the plantation/mansion of where Michael Makua is waiting for his Mrs. Right, she finds herself at a beautiful Bed & Breakfast
When Andi makes the first cut that allows her to stay at the mansion, she is totally in for a surprise. A few of the other contestants feel jealous of Andi because Michael chooses her for the first one-on-one date. When a few so-called accidents happen to Andi, she becomes suscpicious and alarmed.
When she leaves the show to be near Chloe, who'd been injured in an accident and was in a coma, she realizes she is falling for Michael. When she visits Lauryen in New York, she and Cooper seem to be hitting it off, but Andi realizes she still has feelings for Michael and when Michael follows her to New Ylork, she's confused, as Michael isn't a member of her faith and is not sure she can forgive his checkered past as a playboy. When both Andi and M ichael's life are threatened, it brings on strength, courage and determine she never thought she had.
I highly recommend this book that takes us into the world of reality TV andwhat happens when you get 24 single beautiful women together under one roof vying for the a t tentions of one handsome,rich young man.
I received this review copy from Michele.
Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.b
Date Published: May 2011
ISBN: 978-1-60861-233-8

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Review of A Perfect Fit
By G.G. Vandagriff

In her latest book, which is definitely Romantic Suspense, Michele Ashman Bell whirls us through worlds we will probably never experience for ourselves. First: A Reality TV Show? I mean, that is the furthest thing from my experience. The closest I come to reality TV is being interviewed for the news! But Michele’s heroine, Andi, is an old hand at performing in front of the camera. A fitness and cookbook guru, as well as a woman who has successfully defeated an eating disorder, she has done many interviews and made and sold an entire line of videos.
Dissatisfied with her dating life, she consents when her manager suggests it might be good publicity for her to try out for the Looking for Mrs. Right reality show. The gorgeous, wealthy Michael Makura is looking for a wife to share his plantation in Kauai and his interest in African philanthropies. Andi* has her own philanthropic organization in Africa: Mothers without Borders.

I must admit, not being beautiful, skinny, or possessed of any stage presence, I enjoyed being in Andi’s shoes just a little bit. Especially, when her dates with Michael took her scuba diving, and exploring an island I will probably never visit, but which I have certainly seen through the beautiful descriptions the author has treated me to. A frustrated clothes hound, I loved wearing her designer clothes, as well. But the harrowing zip ride had me holding onto my zero gravity chair as tightly as I could. And the competition with the other 24 girls was something I never could have handled with Andi’s grace. However, knowing the author, I know that this is something she could have done with ease. That is one reason why it was so fun to read this book, because I could see my friend, Michele, in Andi throughout the whole book.

However, this is definitely more than chick lit. Andi faces the hardest of choices between her growing attachment to Michael (which seems a perfect fit in every way) and her desire to be married for eternity. She is relieved as well as heartbroken when what seems to be a dirty trick eliminates her from the contest and sends her back to New York. She doesn’t realize that she is walking into terror. For a reason no one knows, Andi and her friends are being stalked with intent to kill. One friend has already been killed, and just recently another barely escaped a car accident engineered to murder her. Now it’s Andi’s turn, and let me tell you, the zip ride was nothing compared to what she faces in New York. Michael also arrives, absolutely set on becoming worthy to marry her, unwittingly making himself as target as well. I tell you what—I was up until 2:00 am turning pages on this one. Kudos to Michele for giving me an exciting alternate reality in every sense!
*and Michele Ashman Bell

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