BYU STUDIES Volume 49 • Issue 1 • 2010

by Compilation, BYU Studies

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BYU Studies volume 49, no. 1, features articles on several topics: ancient Jewish ritual; how to restrict objectionable internet content using US Constitutional law; events in the history of the LDS Church Educational System; and a Missouri LDS newspaper. There are also book reviews, a film review, poetry, and an essay on the human brain.

Jeffrey Bradshaw describes how a mural found in an ancient Jewish synagogue portrays Ezekiel’s ascent into heaven and analyzes what the painting teaches about temple worship and resurrection. Cheryl B. Preston details case law in US courts that empower citizens and lawmakers to restrict internet pornography. Despite claims to the contrary, there are several constitutional solutions that can work to curtail objectionable internet content. Preston reviews these solutions and encourages readers to become educated and get involved.

Casey Griffiths relates the events of 1930, when The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was in the process of transferring its colleges and academies to state governments and began supporting released-time seminary instead. At this time a legal crisis arose that could have dismantled Church education altogether. Joseph F. Merrill defended and helped preserve the seminary program. James T. Summerhays looks at recent research into adult brain plasticity, or the ability of the adult brain to rewire itself through directed effort over time, and what that means to a Latter-day Saint quest for improvement and progression. Susan E. Black writes about The Frontier Guardian, a short-lived but important official publication of the LDS Church in Missouri. All issues of the newspaper are now available on a searchable DVD-ROM.

Contents — Volume 49 Number 1 (2010)


"The Ezekiel Mural at Dura Europos: A Witness of Ancient Jewish Mysteries?" by Jeffrey M. Bradshaw

"The Misunderstood First Amendment and Our Lives Online" by Cheryl B. Preston

"Joseph F. Merrill and the 1930-1931 LDS Church Education Crisis" by Casey P. Griffiths

"The Frontier Guardian: Exploring the Latter-day Saint Experience at the Missouri, 1849-1851" by Susan E. Black

Personal Essays

"On Music Angels: God Only Knows" by David M. Kirkham


"Sorting, In Evening Light"" by Dixie L. Partridge

Review Essays

"Twisted Thoughts and Elastic Molecules: Recent Developments in Neuroplasticity" by James T. Summerhays

Book Reviews

Religion, Politics, and Sugar: The Mormon Church, the Federal Government, and the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company, 1907–1921 by Matthew C. Godfrey, reviewed by Barnard S. Silver

The Tree House by Douglas Thayer, reviewed by Phillip A. Snyder

The Five Books of Moses: A Translation with Commentary by Robert Alter, reviewed by Roger G. Baker

Film Review

One Good Man, directed by Christian Vuissa, reviewed by Jim Dalrymple

Music Review

It Starts with a Song: Celebrating Twenty-Five Years of Songwriting at BYU, produced by Ron Simpson, reviewed by Greg Hansen

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