BYU STUDIES Volume 49 • Issue 3 • 2010

by Compilation, BYU Studies


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BYU Studies volume 49, number 3, features a variety of articles, essays, reviews, and poetry. Alex Baugh and Richard Holzapfel present historical information about a document that appears to be an unpublished declaration of the Twelve in 1844 or 1845 about their meeting with Joseph Smith when he gave them his "last charge" to "bear off the Kingdom."

This issue also contains an article on "Theology and Ecology" by Gary Bryner, a professor of political science who passed away earlier this year. Bryner reviews LDS and Christian theology regarding our stewardship over the earth. Featured in this issue are two essays on European novelists who had close ties to Mormonism. Fred Woods writes about Halldor Laxness, a Nobel Prize–winning Icelandic novelist who based his novel Paradisarheimt on Mormon Icelandic immigrants who settled in Utah. Alan Keele remembers popular German novelist Walter Kempowski, who died in 2007. Kempowski, a prolific author and collector of first-hand accounts about Germany’s turbulent twentieth century, actually taught for a semester at BYU in 1986.

This issue of the journal also contains an examination by Don Penrod of the infamous "White Horse Prophecy." Penrod concludes that the prophecy was actually a creation of Edwin Rushton and not Joseph Smith. Jon Green, Jerry Jaccard, and Rita Wright explore a "divine paradigm of creativity," which stands in stark contrast to the world’s view of creativity. Eric d'Evegnee's personal essay, "The Paternity Test," draws humorous but poignant parallels between a traumatic Pinewood Derby, King Lear, and fatherhood.

Contents - Volume 49 Number 3 (2010)


'I Roll the Burthen and Responsibility of Leading This Church Off from My Shoulders on to Yours': The 1844/1845 Declaration of the Quorum of the Twelve Regarding Apostolic Succession" by Alexander L. Baugh and Richard N. Holzapfel

"Theology and Ecology: Religious Belief and Environmental Stewardship" by Gary C. Bryner

"Halldór Laxness and the Latter-day Saints: The Story behind the Novel Paradísarheimt" by Fred E. Woods

"Edwin Rushton as the Source of the White Horse Prophecy" by Don L. Penrod


"Creativity in the Cosmic Context: Our Challenges and Opportunities" by Jon D. Green, Jerry L. Jaccard, and Rita R. Wright

"The Paternity Test" by Eric d'Evegnee

"Brigham Young University Remembers Walter Kempowski" by Alan F. Keele


"Clocks Have Not Stoppe" byd Norma S. Bowkett

"Juggling, Mothering" by Nicole H. Dominguez

Review Essays

"Jesus Was Not a Unitarian" by David Paulsen, Jacob Hawken, and Michael Hansen

Book Reviews

The Schooled Heart: Moral Formation in American Higher Education by Michael D. Beaty and Douglas V. Henry, reviewed by Ronald E. Bartholomew

What Americans Really Believe by Rodney Stark, reviewed by Roger Terry

Latter-day Saint Courtship Patterns by Mary Jane Woodger, Thomas B. Holman, and Kristi A. Young, reviewed by Jennifer Hurlbut"

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