C is for Christmas

by Tonya Skousen Arenaz


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What is Christmas? Find the answer in twenty-six simple yet meaningful verses, one for each letter of the alphabet. From singing angels and jingling bells to quiet reflections on Nativity scenes, these vibrant pages celebrate all the festivities of the season while reminding us that the greatest Christmas gift can't be found under the tree. Featuring stunning art by renowned artists Howard Lyon, Sandra Kuck, Joseph Brickey, Jean Monti, and Ben Sowards and introducing beautiful art from newly discovered Mark Missman, this richly illustrated book renews favorite family memories and inspires new ones.

About the Author

Tonya Skousen Arenaz

Tonya Skousen Arenaz remembers that her first favorite alphabet book was called A Is for Annabelle. It was in the library at Red Rock Elementary School in Las Vegas, where Tonya grew up. That was many, many books ago. When she became a grandma, she decided she'd like to write books for her grandchildren. She lives in Idaho with her husband, and their daughters and grandchildren live very close by.

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This is a beautiful book. Beautiful words, and beautiful art. The author is truly talented. I look forward to other books written by this author! Can't wait to share this with all those I love this Christmas Season!

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