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When twenty-three-year-old Courtney Beckham is abducted near her home, the search turns up more than just a kidnapping crime. FBI agent Jason Edwards investigates the ten-million-dollar ransom and stumbles upon something he wasn't meant to find. And when Courtney catches a glimpse of the caller ID in her kidnapper's home, what she sees turns her world upside down.

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Rachelle J. Christensen

RACHELLE CHRISTENSEN was born and raised in a small farming town in Idaho not far from the setting of her mystery Diamond Rings are Deadly Things. She graduated cum laude from Utah State University with a degree in psychology. She enjoys singing and songwriting, playing the piano, running, motivational speaking, and of course reading. Rachelle has an amazing husband and five cute kids. To learn more about her, visit

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Courtney Beckham leads a privileged life, and she knows it. She is beautiful and rich. Everything changes one day when she is on a horseback ride. She soon discovers a secret being hidden in the beautiful mountains next to her home. This secret causes her life to be put in peril when she is kidnapped. Now Courtney must try and find a way to stay safe and alive. Things become very complicated though, and now Courtney wonders if she will ever be able to get out of this mess. It will take everything Courtney has to survive this ordeal, but dealing with the aftermath may be even harder.

This was a mysterious and thrilling read. I thought I knew exactly where the story was going, but things got twisted and turned around several times. I like when a story can surprise you. Courtney was a great character. At first I thought she seemed a bit spoiled, but she proved me wrong. I also cannot blame her for being attracted to the hunky FBI agent trying to help her out, Jason. They made a good team. As I said before, there were several things I didn't see coming, and I am usually pretty good at guessing what will happen. There was a twist at the end that particularly caught me by surprise. It helped to make for a very satisfying ending.

Fans of mysteries and suspense will enjoy this book. It wastes no time getting to the action, and then the action doesn't stop until the end. The book was also very fast-paced, so it is able to keep your interest very well. I don't know if I'd read it at night though; it has aspects of a thriller. I definitely worried about Courtney's safety. It is a quick read though, and one which many people will enjoy.

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Nonstop action
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This is the second book by Rachelle Christensen, and I could not put it down. Her first book was a page turner and this one was even better. There was just enough romance to make this a tense who-done-it/romance. Keep it up Rachelle!

Riveting Story
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Caller ID is a very riveting story of mystery and romance. So many twists and turns that you never expect what you find on the next page! Christensen mastered the craft of suspense in this novel! My emotions were up and down with each turn of the page! The suspense building all along! I have not read her first novel, but have read so many favorable reviews, and after such an enriching experience with Caller ID, I am going to be sure to read Wrong Number.

Courtney Beckham is such a strong character. She experiences so much within the pages of this book, I was on the edge of my seat the whole way through! I didn't want to leave Courtney alone. There were times when I was so afraid for her, and other times I was cheering her on!! She is such a role model for young women.

FBI Agent Jason Edwards - what a hunk! So nice to read about an FBI agent that was not the stereotypical agent. He was a man of his own mind, following hunches, willing to step outside of the box to investigate Courtney's disappearance. It was refreshing to be able to experience his emotions along with those of Courtney.

I really hated that the book had to end. I hope that there is a sequel in the future. I'd love to find out the future of these characters!

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