I Can Do Hard Things with God

by Ganel-Lyn Condie

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We talk of emergency preparedness for the big earthquakes or world events. More often, it is the personal trials that hit close to home that are the most difficult. If we wait to prepare spiritually until the storm hits, we may find ourselves blown over ...

The question is not "Will I face challenges?" but rather, "How will I deal with challenges when they come?" I Can Do Hard Things with God is an inspiring collection of essays by a variety of LDS women who have confronted this very question. Replete with examples of sisters who have faced trials of death and disability, infertility and illness, and so much more, this poignant anthology brings to life the fact that these women are prevailing against all odds. They offer glimpses into lives that have been uplifted and enriched through stalwart preparation and unwavering faith, and readers will come to understand that they too can rely on God's grace to strengthen them in their adversity.

About the Author

Ganel-Lyn Condie

Ganel-Lyn knows anything is possible with God. She never dreamed of writing when she graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in elementary education and psychology, yet she has become an award-winning journalist and was editor of Wasatch Woman magazine. She has interviewed well-known public figures, including Cokie Roberts and Richard Paul Evans, and has a talent for sharing other people’s stories. She loves being a wife and mother and will always be grateful for her family. They and her faith helped her heal from a chronic illness and years of chemotherapy treatments for a heart condition. They’ve truly been instruments in the Lord’s hands in many other ways. Because of her experiences, Ganel-Lyn has a passion for creating balance, organization, and spirituality in life and at home. She has discovered the joy of sharing experiences with others through her newspaper column, consulting, public speaking, and her website, www.ganellyn.com.

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By , Submitted on 2015-04-16

I knew this book would be good just by the title. However, I was not prepared for HOW AMAZING this book is! I went to bed early one night not feeling well and I took this book with me. As I started reading, MY burdens were lightened. Reading these heartbreaking stories of problems with health, finances, family, mental illness, and loneliness I found that with my tears for them I was healing. I am SO GRATEFUL these women felt brave enough to share their stories. For if they can do what they are doing...well, then, I can do what I am being asked to do. I couldn't put the book down and stayed up very late reading about these women whom I wanted so badly to hug. They ARE doing hard things! But as they testify--they are able to do those hard things--with God. May we each turn to the Father who holds out His arms waiting for us to run to Him...for it is from Him that we gain our strength.

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