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Reminders of faith
By , Submitted on 2019-08-01

This book is heart aching and spiritual. The author reminds me of letting Heavenly Father help and guide our lives. Her strength in faith when searching for their daughter. I am amazed and humbled. A great read !

By , Submitted on 2019-01-01

I really loved this book. Like many I followed along their story when Annie went missing, but I didn't follow extensively. So I was naturally curious about the details and how a mother can get through something like this. I loved the in between chapters filled with experiences throughout her life that strengthened her to be able to get through this horrible time. The book was so positive and uplifting, you walked away wanting to be a more loving, Christlike person. I'm grateful Michelle was so willing to share this experience with so many and to so raw & vulnerable, that is not an easy thing to do.

Couldn't Put It Down
By , Submitted on 2018-12-05

I've driven the freeway along the Columbia River Gorge many times, and this is where Annie Schmidt, (daughter of John Schmidt of The Piano Guys) died two years ago. This is not a foreboding account of the tragic death of an exceptional young woman, but it is a very spiritual, faith-promoting, even sacred account of those three weeks searching for Annie's body. The letters home from Annie's twin brothers serving missions during Annie's disappearance are heart-wrenching, uplifting and so faith-promoting, that my husband (a sealer in our local temple) read them as a spiritual thought during his sealer's meeting. Thank you to Annie's mother for sharing this powerful account.

Fabulous book!
By , Submitted on 2018-11-26

This book is so chilling and so amazing. I don't know the Schmidt family personally, but I have followed Jon Schmidt as a pianist since the 90's, learned to play some of his solo music, and I remember when Annie was missing in 2016. I fasted and prayed for her to be found. I cried when her remains were identified. As the next Piano Guys song came out, I wondered if it really was "gonna be okay" for them. And I heard about some of the miracles that occurred around that time. When I heard this book was out, I knew I had to read it. And I am so glad I did! It is about Annie's disappearance and death but it is also about Michelle's lifelong spiritual journey and reliance on God. It is about listening to the voice of the Spirit and drawing on the power of covenants. Chapter 3 has one of the most beautiful experiences I have read anywhere. It reminded me of the verse that "the fruit of the Spirit is... peace."

I love the juxtaposition of the search and rescue chapters between the biographical chapters and how they're tied together with testimony. This is so well written! I enjoyed learning about their family's financial struggles and their reliance on God and faith in Priesthood blessings in building Jon's musical career. These are real people with real lives.

The chapter on covenants is absolutely amazing! The letters from her missionary sons brought me to tears--tears of joy and testimony and beauty. This is definitely a book to share with the spiritually sensitive.

The title is perfect. I could feel her being carried by Christ through her trials as He has carried me through mine.

In one part, Michelle said something like "some may read this and think--is this the same person I used to know? And my answer is, No, because of the Savior, I am not the same person." That is the gospel of Christ to me.

Enduring the unthinkable with faith
By , Submitted on 2018-11-24

I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a book where a mother more fully lays bare her heart for all the world. I expected the book to be all about the disappearance, search, and recovery of Annie Schmidt, and it was about that, to some extent, but it was much more. In a class I've been teaching, we have spent quite a bit of time discussing people experiencing adversity, loss, and suffering, and how they faced these with faith. All of the people we've discussed were prepared over time, through various hard experiences, for the more severe trials of their faith to come later. The Schmidt family went through this preparation as well, without knowing at the time that what seemed like overwhelming setbacks were building their spiritual resilience for a much greater trial to come when Annie went missing while hiking in Oregon. This was something I liked about this book - it goes back in time to trials the family faced, some even before Annie's birth, that built their trust in God, line upon line, precept upon precept.

I have a lot of professional experience creating and executing plans to keep people safe from a wide variety of dangers. One thing I know is that no matter how thoroughly you plan, there are small things that happen when humans are involved that you cannot predict and plan for with 100% certainty. As a parent I try to plan for every imaginable contingency to keep my kids safe. The thought of one of them going missing fills me with dread despite having been trained what to do if it were to happen. I appreciate the Schmidts for sharing exactly what they went through, not holding back, putting the best and worst on paper for others to read and ponder. It took enormous courage to write some of the things Annie's mom shared in this book about her own insecurities, imperfections, things she did and said in the past as she learned over time how to deal with her raw emotions about disappointments and perceived failures. Her hardships and battles with depression shaped her into a mother who was in a strong enough spiritual position to survive the loss of her daughter Annie. Her stories of what happened to bring her peace even when the worst imaginable situation swirled around her, were uplifting and very personal. She testifies boldly of a loving God and a Savior who felt every pain and sorrow we would ever experience so He could comfort, strengthen, and succor us, knowing perfectly how we feel. She shares in detail how the gospel of Jesus Christ and covenants she made with Him helped her endure various hard times in her life, including Annie's death. She also provides readers a lot of detail about the unexpected development of the Piano Guys and the many professional and financial trials the Schmidt family faced behind the scenes. She even manages to relate some humorous anecdotes about life in their family over the years and her relationship with her husband.

Another aspect of this book I enjoyed and found inspiring was the dedicated service of so many law enforcement and search & rescue professionals, and the unselfish sacrifice of non-professional volunteers who took time off from work for days and even weeks to search for Annie. I have worked with many law enforcement officers/agents and first responders across the nation and although trained not to, I know they personalize rescue/recovery efforts like this and it deeply affects them no matter how the search ultimately ends. Finding a victim's remains and bringing closure to a family becomes all-consuming to these professionals and to the untrained volunteers. The Schmidts recognize this and express their appreciation in this book for the overwhelming support they received. Reading this book reminded me of my sister's husband, who not too long ago took time away from his medical practice to join a search and rescue/recovery effort, snowshoeing in rugged and snowy western mountain terrain looking for wreckage, survivors, or remains of a small plane crash that claimed the lives of several members of a friend's family. People do amazing acts of service for each other every day, some big and visible like a search and rescue/recovery effort, but primarily small and simple acts of compassion. This book will rekindle your faith in humanity if yours is waning.

The book is part autobiography, part family history, part exposition on gospel doctrine, and part narrative of the search for Annie. Initially I wasn't sure if I liked how she kept jumping from Annie's search, back to experiences that happened decades earlier, but there was a purpose behind her doing this, and it resulted in helpful context that made clear the Lord was gradually preparing her for something every parent hopes never to experience. It was more than I expected, and anyone who is willing to share their innermost vulnerabilities with the world simply because it might help someone else to read, deserves 5 stars for contributing to our insights into how to endure the unthinkable.

Cried & cheered! Thank you!
By , Submitted on 2018-10-30

This book is a must read! I felt like I was the mother going through all the hardships this mother was going through. I went on the journey with her. I was reminded of all the goodness that my Heavenly Father has afforded me as well. I was and am truly grateful that our Heavenly Father knows each of us so profoundly. I really needed to hear this book at this time. I cried several times because of the heartache I felt for this family and cheered out loud several times for the goodness that was shown by the people who helped. The fact that I was already a huge Piano Guys fan made me more intrigued. I didn’t know Annie, but I got to know her and her family through her mother’s eyes. Thank you for your beautiful example Annie!

Peace for any mother with an aching heart.
By , Submitted on 2018-10-24

READ THIS BOOK! Carried by Michelle Schmidt is incredibly hopeful and uplifting, even though it chronicles the heartbreaking loss, search and discovery of her daughter Annie's body in the Columbia River Gorge. Michelle shares past experiences as a child, young mother and wife of a musician (Jon Schmidt of The Piano Guys) that provided her practice in choosing to trust in God in difficult spiritual, physical and financial circumstances. Years of spiritual tutoring prepared her to trust in God's timing during the search for Annie, to hear God's voice, and in fact, to hear Annie's.

Michelle's story of peace during the most turbulent of times testifies that God is aware of every person, every mother, every child. Every mother with an aching heart or who worries about the welfare of her children needs to read Carried. What comfort Michelle shares in writing that it is possible to "weather the storms and even have joy." (Carried, pg 163) I will be sharing this book with the women in my life!

By , Submitted on 2018-10-24

I truly loved this book- it was just what I needed to read. I had been curious about the story behind John & Michelle's daughter's disappearance which is what made me curious to read the book, but I finished it, so glad I had read it, because I so appreciated the stories of Michelle's experiences throughout her life with different challenges and what she has learned from them. I was really able to apply these lessons and experiences to the ones I am currently facing and found it very helpful and encouraging. I would highly recommend this book!

By , Submitted on 2018-10-23

Very well done. Great listen...inspiring and heart felt. Thank you.

From the Depths of Despair Comes Hope
By , Submitted on 2018-10-22

I can't imagine what Michelle Schmidt has endured. Through what is an unspeakable tragedy - losing one's daughter early in life - Michelle and her family have found hope and even peace. It's not been easy. How could it be? This inspiring book is full of numerous lessons for all of us. We will all be forced to endure hardships, big or small, but they will still be potent for us in our particular station. I found myself pondering my place in the world and how I'd react in the face of tragedy.

This is not a long or difficult read. Join Michelle for a journey of hope even as one must pass through sorrow.

By , Submitted on 2018-10-22

I loved this book! When I heard there was a book about Annie Schmidt's disappearance and her story I had to read it. I followed the incident and story two years ago and was inspired with the faith of her parents. I have always loved John Schmidt's work and his humility and now I see his wife Michelle is the same way. Her openness about the challenges of life and motherhood and how she tackled it were inspiring to me. Her experiences were a testimony to me of God's hand in our lives in all things. It reminded me of tender mercies I have received, which is a reminder I always need. Each chapter and section touched me deeply, deepening my testimony of Jesus Christ and reminding me about the power of the Atonement, eternal families and that there are angels among us. I would recommend this book to anyone. One side note though, read with tissues!

So much more than just a sad story
By , Submitted on 2018-10-22

I have to admit that I was wary to read this book because, as a mom, I usually try to avoid stories that might make me sad. However, the audiobook came up on Deseret Bookshelf+ and I felt compelled to listen to it. Boy, am I glad I did. It's unusual to walk away from listening to such a devastating story, like this is, and actually feel uplifted and have my faith strengthened, but this is what I have experienced. I am so grateful for the author and her willingness to honestly tell the story of her family, sharing such private moments and experiences. I truly felt the love of the Savior while listening to this book and I am so grateful that I gave it a chance.

Loved the book.
By , Submitted on 2018-10-20

I received this book from Deseret Book to review., and I could not put it down. I remember following this story as it happened a few years ago, and my heart broke for the Schmidt family. I enjoyed reading the back story and learning more about Annie and the whole family especially Michelle's faith. What an inspiration they were when they were faced with this unimaginable trial. I admired Michelle's courage & faith throughout the whole situation, and I enjoyed learning more about Annie & what a wonderful person she was. This book is a must read. We all go through trials and hardships in this life, & I feel we can learn from each other & help each other along in this journey of life. I know hearing Annie's and Michelle's story changed my life & how I will approach the things that come my way. Read this book! You won't be disappointed!

Couldn't Put It Down
By , Submitted on 2018-10-18

I thoroughly enjoyed the way this book took me right into what happened with Annie. It was heart-wrenching mixed with testimony of how our Heavenly Father is aware of us personally, and how he helps us and prepares us all along the way. I didn't want to put this book down once I started reading it. I enjoyed reading about the Schmidt family and how they were prepared for this trial in years past, how they each endured this trial in their own ways, and the things they learned from going through this trial. So many tears cried while reading. I would recommend this book to anyone!

Optimistic yet honest
By , Submitted on 2018-10-18

I received this book from Deseret Book to review. I thought it was an excellent read. Michelle is very honest about the harsh reality of losing her daughter Annie, but she is optimistic and faithful. I loved how she tied in the struggles of her life prior to Annie's death and showed how God loves us and prepares us for the challenges we face in life. Michelle is very connected to the spirit and it was inspiring to see her example. I lost my mother last year and I felt myself relating to being "carried" through such an awful trial. I recommend this book to anyone who has ever wondered, "How will I get through this?" It's a quick read and beautifully done.

Uplifting--and needs to come with your own box of tissues!
By , Submitted on 2018-10-17

I really enjoyed this book, but it really does need a #tissuealert. I'm not a cryer, but it moved me in so many places with both tears of sadness and of joy. I like to learn about people, what motivates and moves them, and how they overcome the challenges in their lives. This book covers it nicely. I remember when this happened, and followed the search on social media. I wondered how a mother could get through something like this. After reading this book, I understand that much better. It moves back and forth between the events of Annie's disappearance, the search and ultimately finding her body, and events in Michelle's past and life that she believed helped her to be prepared and survive one of the greatest challenges any parent might ever have. I came away from this book feeling inspired to review my own life and where I can improve in my faith, my family relationships and my relationship with my Heavenly Father.

Loved it!
By , Submitted on 2018-10-17

I was so excited to read this book because I remember following along on Facebook when the events were unfolding. I remember feeling such sadness and pain for their family and what they were going through. I was impressed with their strength and faith during this trial and I was so happy for them when they found their daughter and were able to have that closure.

It was nice to get to read all the details behind the story in this book and to read of the past experiences Michelle had that led to her great faith. It was also fun to read a little bit more about her husband's career and how he became one of The Piano Guys. I love how they as a couple have followed the Lord in all aspects of their lives and they've allowed their lives to be dedicated to the Lord. This story is a story of great faith and strength and the Schmidtts have showed that we can endure difficult trials if we trust in the Lord and allow Him to guide us in our lives. So brave of Michelle to share all the details of such a difficult trial, but what great faith she shares in this book.

I loved the lessons I learned through this touching book
By , Submitted on 2018-10-16

Carried is one that I’ve wanted to read ever since I saw it was coming out! I love books that talk about what someone has gone through. And we actually met the family a time or two at some of her Dad, Jon Schmidt’s (of the Piano Guys) concerts. I was so glad to find this one at my local Deseret Book and I bought it. Gasp… I bought a book…it’s really rare for me to actually buy a book.

I remember how I felt when Annie Schmidt went missing a couple of years ago. The panic that Jon and Michelle Schmidt must have felt on her behalf made me want to hold our kids tighter. And we’d been in the general area she was missing. There are so many places a person could go missing in the Columbia River Gorge and never be found in a million years.

I loved the way this one is written. It’s written from Michelle Schmidt’s perspective. She was the first one to discover that Annie was missing. And the way her feelings are explained makes the reader feel a portion of how Michelle would have been feeling during that time. But, not only does she talk about what she experienced then, but she also talks about all the lessons she had learned throughout her life that helped her in that hard time.

I loved Carried! There were so many parts of it that touched me in different ways. I learned many lessons of my own as I read this one. Make sure to get your own copy!

By , Submitted on 2018-10-16

When I was younger, I always thought that trials were short-term, because people always talked about "getting through" them. If that's the case, you must be able to come out pretty quickly on the other end, with your lesson learned, and then life gets back to normal, right? As I've gotten older, of course, I've realized that many trials don't have an expiration date. But Michelle's story helped me see the ways that we are supported and guided in the midsts of trials - and that often the soul-crushing sorrow and initial shock can be softened over time. We look back and see the ways we were blessed without even realizing it.

An answer to MY prayer
By , Submitted on 2018-10-15

I just finished this book and I have been sobbing for about an hour because of how strongly I feel the spirit and how much it impacted me. This book was an absolute answer to one of my ongoing prayers. I encourage you all to read it to strengthen your testimony of the reality of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They know us. They know exactly what we need. They love us beyond anything we can even comprehend. Christ is our savior and brother and can list us through any burden.