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By , Submitted on 2017-02-09

I bought your new cd last Saturday to help me to prepare for my talk at New Beginnings tonight. I've listened to it about 5 times!! I love it!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight. I really was struck by the eclipse analogy and the puzzle story!! Also, I love the idea and wholeheartedly agree that many times answers come from experience!!!

John Bytheway never disappoints.
By , Submitted on 2017-01-12

I drive for a living and consume a lot of audio materials. Always anxious for Brother Bytheway's next work. "Ask of God" is everything I've come to expect from him. His humor and entertaining presentation makes it fun, while providing insights that are timely and profound.
With all the confusing messages church members face in these times, this talk provides ideas for cutting through some modern 'mists of darkness'.
I highly recommend this CD for any age, but especially the youth or anyone that works with youth.

Wonderfully informative.
By , Submitted on 2016-12-20

I knew going in that I would probably enjoy this talk quite a bit. I've listened to talks and presentations given by John Bytheway before and thoroughly enjoyed them. And I did indeed really enjoy listening to this approximately hour long talk about seeking answers from God. I loved the way that Bytheway divided his talk into a discussion of three types of questions: gotcha questions, Google questions, and golden questions. "Gotcha" questions are those designed to manipulate others into giving you what you want. Several scriptural examples of individuals doing this to the Savior and his prophets. People who use these sorts of questions don't really want a legitimate answer, and in fact may already know the answer. Google questions are information questions that the Google browser can provide answers to, but it's just information, no wisdom is provided to help use the information gathered. Golden questions are the sorts of questions that people really, sincerely desire an answer to and can be answered through the gospel and God himself. But as Bytheway points out, society has trained people to want answers to "Golden" questions, in the same amount of time as Google provides answers, and many times, the answers don't come that way. Using stories, quotes, and scripture references, Brother Bytheway explains the importance of prayer and how it is for our good to use it the way the Lord designed it to work. He also points out the important of having faith in God, and being willing to 'wrestle' to find the answers we seek, especially when they don't come right away. This is an inspiring talk that is aimed at youth, but that has great advice and reminders for anyone who cares to listen. Highly recommended.