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So Beautiful!
By , Submitted on 2015-10-22

The pictures in this book are sweet and full of peace and love. The world can be such a hard and cruel place some days but our homes can be our refuge. We can make our homes a place where love prevails. This book does a fabulous job of reminding us how. As we work together, pray together, learn together and play together, our families and our homes become stronger.

This book has a music album that goes along with it. Jenny Oaks Baker is an amazing violinist and her music just makes me feel. The violin is such a beautiful instrument. I love the track list on this album. This music is so soothing and peaceful and so, so beautiful. My favorite was Jesus Once Was a Little Child, I think.

The world needs all the beauty it can get and this music and this book (together or separately) definitely add to the good things of the world.