Son of Man, Vol. 1

by Kenneth Cope

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Kenneth Cope brings you Son of Man, a dramatic musical about the life of Christ, with world-class cast and orchestra. Act 1 features the birth, growing up, and first half of Jesus's ministry; 80 minutes, 20 tracks.

About the Author

Kenneth Cope

Kenneth Cope grew up mostly in Houston, Texas, where he attended the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. After serving a mission in Geneva, Switzerland, he pursued his career in music as a composer, producer, songwriter, and performer. During the past twenty years, Kenneth has released a dozen albums, including Greater Than Us All, a legendary music project that has impacted hundreds of thousands all over the world, as well as his newest album, All About You. A multiple Pearl Award winner, including Male Recording Artist of the Year and Inspirational Album of the Year, Kenneth is currently working on the highly anticipated Son of Man project as well as serving as the bishop of his ward. He and his wife, Kathryn, are the parents of three girls and reside in Salt Lake City.

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Truly a Masterpiece!
By , Submitted on 2019-04-06

Kenneth Cope has been researching and delving deep into the life of the Savior for years! He put his heart, soul, and love for the Savior into this project which is indeed a masterpiece! Every time I listen I am moved! Kenneth offers insights and different points of view that I have never considered before. How did Joseph feel? How did the Apostles feel? How did Mary Magdalene feel? I ponder these points of view now and the Spirit that comes and dwells with me as I listen and it is glorious! This has been worth the wait! I am excited for Act 2. I feel it will be even more incredible!

Kenneth has selected some incredible talents to join him in performance! What incredible voices! 'Come and see (hear)! I also have to add, 'Be not afraid, just believe'.

Deeply Touching and Spiritually Moving
By , Submitted on 2018-11-11

Son of Man is one of the most powerful musical works that has ever been created! Christ's story is told in a deeply touching and spiritually moving way! It is hard to put into words what can only be felt, but I promise that if you're searching for a closeness with Jesus Christ, then this music will be a great blessing to you. The only other thing I'd say is this: I'm a bit of a critic when it comes to art/music/film and while many Christian albums/films are spiritually uplifting, some of them do not compete in terms of production standards. Son of Man, on the other hand, is polished and pristine in every way! Listening to it has been an absolute joy!

By , Submitted on 2018-10-11

Listening to it right now and absolutely love it. A next level experience to not only help me get closer to my Savior but understand His life and experiences even better through a different avenue, music. Thanks Kenneth and everyone else who put so much work into this inspired album. I’m closer to Christ now because of it. God bless all of you.

By , Submitted on 2018-10-09

WOW!!! Kenneth Cope has done something truly beautiful. Goosebumps from the first time listening to this CD. I play it daily. The story is told so beautifully, so poetically, so inspired. The story of our Savior is brought to life in a whole new way. I anxiously await VOl. 2 (and hopefully on the stage one day).

Inspired - A gift from God.
By , Submitted on 2018-10-04

If ever there were to be a solid musical on the life of our Savior, it is FINALLY here! We cannot wait for Volume 2. We have never heard anything like this EVER.

Incredibly well researched and put together. Soloists are incredible. Heartfelt, poetic lyrics. This work will make you reflect, not only on Jesus, but on Mary, Peter, Joseph and others. Their challenges, feelings of inadequacy, and the Saviors love, understanding, and kindness towards them.

"Come and See" - "Be Not Afraid, Just Believe." :)

A definite testimony builder through music.

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