Child of Light (Sheet Music Download)

by Mindy Gledhill, Tyler Castleton

Child of light

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"Child of Light" sheet music by Mindy Gledhill from the songbook EFY 2004: Stand in the Light.

About the Authors

Mindy Gledhill

Since childhood, Mindy Gledhill has seen the world through curious, determined eyes. The eclectic entourage of musical influences surrounding her only fed her free spirit. Raised on the north coast of California, Mindy recalls her grade school music hours with Mr. Lindsay, and the marimba, drums, and flute she played in the school band. She was surrounded by the music of Native American pow-wows and blue grass bands, the Jewish fiddle of her fourth-grade teacher, and her mom singing the classics from the 20s and 30s--even lullabies from her older sister at bedtime. These are the memories Mindy claims to be the essence of the music she creates.

Mindy and her family moved to Spain when she was 13. This is where she first began to sing and perform. It also offered the introduction to yet another musical influence.'Oh, the impact of Spanish music!' Mindy says. 'Spaniards are not timid singers. They praise God when they sing and I've always wanted to adopt that passion.'

Passion is exactly what drives Mindy's life. After returning from Spain, she realized she wanted to be serious about music. She dedicated herself to voice lessons and auditioned for every performing opportunity. She always made it to call backs and final heats - but never quite got the part. However, coming so close every time only fed the fire inside.

'A persistent force continued to draw me towards music.' Mindy says. 'I learned that my free little spirit had to come down from the clouds for a while and be disciplined in order to handle the competition.'

Mindy had her first breakthrough when she was accepted into Brigham Young University's School of Music, something she calls 'a miracle.'

In September 2002, acclaimed producer and composer Kenneth Cope heard Mindy at a songwriter's workshop. Impressed by the depth of her songwriting and the emotion in her voice, Kenneth offered to produce Mindy's first album and immediately began to mentor her. Mindy has toured with both Kenneth and Jenny Phillips and is now signed as a label artist with Lumen Records, a division of Excel Entertainment Group.

She is currently a student at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT, where she lives with her husband, Ryan, and their two sons.

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Tyler Castleton

Tyler Castleton has written songs for more than a hundred recordings of an impressive lists of artists. In addition to his songwriting success, he is well-known in the industry as an accomplished music producer and arranger. All of this hard work has resulted into creating award winning albums.

He has left a legacy behind with every project that he has pursued including serving as Director of A&R for Shadow Mountain Records. As well as working for a prestigious array of clients as a film and TV composer including National Geographic, Animal Planet, and ABC Monday Night Movie. He has had vast experience in live production including work for the 2002 Olympic spectacular Light of the World.

Tyler began his musical training at the age of seven and since then has left lasting impressions on anyone who has heard his countless work.

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