The Children You Want With the Kids You Have

by Marie Ricks

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Do you want to know the secret of getting kids to work? Train them early!

If you want your children to work together, finish their chores, complete their homework, and take care of their own personal hygiene and possessions, you have to train them. And it usually takes a helping hand and a few hints from someone who has “been there — done that.” These suggestions, charts, and to-do lists from professional organize Marie Ricks will get you well on your way to having a clean home, a well-kept yard, and helpful, hardworking, on-their-way-to-being-independent children.

With this no-nonsense book, you will find:

  • Age-specific charts for chores
  • Fast-Clean and Deep-Clean check-off lists
  • Instructions for setting up your own Training Children to Work Master Plan
  • The right thing to say and the right way to say it to get the job done

Table of Contents
Part One: Prepare to Parent Better
1. Prepare to Train
2. Prepare to Show
3. Prepare to Nurture
4. Prepare to Teach
Part Two: Train Them
5. A Master Plan
6. Obedience Is First, Honesty Is Second, and Their Bedroom Is Third
7. For Children Ages 2-6, a Time to Teach and Love
8. For Children Ages 6-12, a Time to Train and Support
9. For Youth Ages 12-18, a Time to Become Independent
Part Three: Show Them
10. Delegate Household Jobs
11. Finish What You Start
12. Job Training the Right Way
13. Moving from Yes/No Choices to Yes/Yes Choices
14. Self-initiative: The End goal
Part Four: Nurture Them
15. Become Insistent, Consistent, and Persistent
16. Make the Unpleasurable More Pleasurable
17. Have Better School-Morning Routines
18. Do Homework the Right Way
19. Use Family Councils and a Family Mission Statement
Part Five: Teach Them
20. Teach Them to Live Simply
21. Teach Them to Wait Longer
22. Teach Them to Share Better
23. Teach Them to Save More
24. Teach Them to Cooperate Kindly
25. Teach Them to Work Harder
26. Teach them to Feel Grateful

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Life changing for our family...
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I think how much you like this book, and how useful it is for your family, will depend on what systems you already have in place. My husband and I have really struggled with knowing how to teach our children responsibility, work-ethic, and--above all--obedience, without harping on them all the time. We absolutely LOVE this book because it gave us a step-by-step system that we could use with our small children, and gave us the Family Home Evening outline for introducing it. She really does help you break things into small do-able steps--although we tweaked some of the lists, to meet some things we already had in place. But, by far, I can truly say that the greatest blessing this book gave to us was that it taught us how to teach our children simple obedience, and our home is 100% better for it. I'm grateful to the author and publisher, both.

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