A Children's Songbook Companion

by Pat Graham

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The most complete and versatile resource available to help musicians and non-musicians alike teach children the love of the gospel through music and song!


  • Complete lesson plans for every song in the Children's Songbook

  • Hundreds of illustrations to copy and enlarge for teaching

  • Easy instructions — regardless of your level of musical experience

You'll be able to:

  • Present and teach songs easily

  • Add fun and variety to your teaching
  • Challenge children of all ages and keep their attention

  • Create new lessons simply and effectively

  • Be well prepared to teach by the Spirit

  • Perfect for:

    • Family Home Evening

    • Primary singing time

    • Family trips and vacations

    • Holidays and gatherings

    • Singing time at school

    About the Author

    Pat Graham

    Patricia Kelsey Graham is a published LDS author, composer and artist for over 40 years. Her works can be found throughout "The Friend" Magazine, Children's Primary Songbook, and many other publications found here.

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    By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

    Great to have.

    By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

    I've been involved with Primary music for more than 30 years, at both the Ward and Stake levels, however, I just recently learned of this book. , Now, I have NEVER recommended the use of materials in Primary that were NOT produced by the church, but this is one exception to my rule. In fact, my recommendation to use this valuable resource comes with as much conviction as my 'preaching' about relying strictly on church-produced materials. , The sisters who wrote this book were the same who compiled the Children's Songbook, AND the creation of this book was actually an assignment that went along with the assignment to create the Children's Songbook. For this reason, I feel confident in recommending this to ANYONE wanting greater insight to the songs sung in Primary. The only reason it was NOT printed by the church was that after completion, it was determined it would have been too costly to translate into all the languages needed, so the sisters were given permission to publish the book privately. , The lesson plans for teaching new songs, and the fun AND APPROPRIATE activities for reviewing songs are easy to implement. A special bonus is that this book contains oodles of inspiring messages that could be shared in Leadership Meetings, newsletters, etc. THIS IS A MUST BUY FOR PRIMARIES AND ESPECIALLY FOR MUSIC LEADERS. , For more information about this book, see the book, 'WE SHALL MAKE MUSIC - STORIES OF THE PRIMARY SONGS AND HOW THEY CAME TO BE' by Patricia Kelsey Graham (the committee chairman for both the Children's Songbook and the Children's Songbook Companion.

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