A Christ-Centered Easter: Day-by-Day Activities to Celebrate Easter Week

by Joe and Janet Hales

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"For years I felt that our family's Easter celebration was as hollow as the chocolate bunnies we devoured on Easter morning. All my life I had been told that the atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ are the most sacred and significant events in all creation. If that is true, I reasoned, then shouldn't Easter, the commemoration of those events, be the highlight of our year?"

Spurred on by that question, authors Janet and Joe Hales became determined to make Easter the highlight of the year for their family. Their ideas, suggestions, and discoveries are included in this book, A Christ-Centered Easter: Day-by-Day Activities to Celebrate Easter Week.

Here, you will find:

  • A practical resource with an outline of family activities for the entire week, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.
  • An easy-to-read parallel scripture account of the last week of Christ's life.
  • Historical information about the Passover and an explanation on how to hold an authentic "Jerusalem Dinner" with your family (recipes included!).
  • Numerous ideas for age-appropriate family activities that will appeal to kids of all ages, from preschoolers to teenagers.
  • A section of stories to read together and sacred hymns to sing.

This year, make Jesus Christ and his resurrection the focus of Easter, and turn your celebration from a holiday to a holy day.

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Joe and Janet Hales

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Meaningful scriptures, stories, hymns, and activities will give you A CHRIST-CENTERED EASTER
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

When the author realized she spent more time with colored eggs and chocolate bunnies for Easter than she did remembering Christ and his atonement she decided to make a change.

How lucky are we that she has shared her ideas :)

Easter Week (from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday) can now be filled with meaningful scriptures, stories, hymns, and activities to bring you more Christ-centered.

Age-appropriate symbols are given to help you decide which activity to do:
P = Preschoolers (ages 3 - 5)
G = Grade schoolers (ages 6 - 12)
T = Teenagers (ages 13 - 17)
A = Adults
F = Entire family

See what the following days will bring:

DAY 1 ~ Palm Sunday
Day 2 - Cleansing the Temple and how it applies to our lives today.
Day 3 - Learn of the Parables and Teachings of Jesus
Day 4 - Rest in Bethany
Day 5 - The Last Supper and Jesus' Prayer and Agony in Gethsemane
Day 6 - Jesus' Trial and Crucifixion
Day 7 - The Jewish Sabbath
Day 8 - Jesus' Resurrections and Appearances

Each day as you go through the week and follow the suggested ideas your heart will be drawn closer to our Savior and you will have greater joy in the Easter celebration.

Your testimony of the atonement and the resurrection will be strengthened.

And your hour hope will increase.

This book will change the way you celebrate Easter~

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

We love this book!!! Thank you for having something like this available! We used it for the first time last year and I can already say that we will use it every Easter in our home. We are on day 4 for this year. Many times I felt as the authors did--that the Easter celebration should be greater in our home, especially our focus on the Saviour. This book helps me to do that! It is so easy to follow. It is an outline of activities and discussion suggestions for eight days--beginning with the Sunday before Easter (Palm Sunday), and ending on Easter Sunday. Each day talks about what the Saviour did on that day so long ago. There are many appropriate choices for every child's age, and for adults. You can choose and adapt things easily to fit your own family. Our children are young, and so we chose some of the P and G age activities for each day (some days we did all of them), as well as some of the F (family) activities, and they were very enthusiastic about them! As they grow, our activities and discussions will become more in depth. Parents (or families with only adults) can follow the "A" activities and really enjoy this book just as much. I have learned more as I have studied the suggested scriptures and stories in preparation for the upcoming activities. It's a great reminder to all about the significance and importance of the Atonement and the events leading up to it. We love doing this as a family. It is already my favorite tradition about Easter. Thanks to the authors for sharing their years of effort with the rest of us.

Great ideas for Easter
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

The book includes themes for each day of the week prior to Easter. Scriptures, stories and special activities with every day to make it engaging and memorable for kids. The activities are categorized according to age level from preschool on up. My family (kids ages 6,4,2,0) has really enjoyed using this as a resource to making Easter week special. You can make it as elaborate or a simple as you'd like. Highly recommend as a resource for Easter activites.

Wonderful for young and old
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I am so thrilled with how well my small children have been able to appreciate the Easter Holiday using this book. My children are 2,3,4, and 16 and the small one's have been able to understand the events while my older one has really learned some things she didn't quite understand. My family has truely enjoyed having this guide.

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