Christ in A Red Robe (20x27 Framed Canvas)

by Minerva Teichert

5052100 christ in red robe

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  • European-style giclee presentation
  • Gallery grade solid wood framing
  • In this painting, Teichert portrays the Second Coming of Christ, where Christ is wearing a red robe signifying His treading the winepress (see Isaiah 63:2-2). Teichert also juxtaposes the reactions of the righteous and the wicked: the righteous are reaching towards Christ, whereas the wicked are facing the ground, surrounded by coins - their monetary worth was unable to save them.

    Minerva's life was firmly rooted in ideas and people, not in things. "You don't want too many things," she once wrote. "They become a burden. In fact, we shouldn't have too many things in his life, just enough for our needs. ...Do good with all the rest."

    About the Author

    Minerva Teichert

    Minerva Teichert was born in Ogden, Utah and grew up on a ranch in Idaho as the second of nine children. She studied at the Art Institute of Chicago under John Vanderpoel, and then at the Art Students League of New York under Robert Henri. She married Herman Teichert and raised five children on a ranch in Cokeville, Wyoming while painting the things she knew and loved best: Scenes from western Americana, and religious artwork expressing her deeply held convictions. She once explained "I must paint", when asked about how she persisted in painting despite being in near-complete artistic isolation, without a dedicated studio or even much free time to create. Teichert was an independent, opinionated woman who stood up for women's rights and was an outspoken political conservative. Teichert died in Provo, Utah in 1976.

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