Christmas With the Prophets Booklet

by Laura F. Willes

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Product Description

“Since the Church was organized in 1830, sixteen extraordinary men have been raised up and called as prophets of God. . . . As special witnesses, they have unitedly testified to the world of the divine birth, mission, and teachings of Jesus Christ.” Taken from Laura F. Willies's book Christmas with the Prophets, each of the Lord's latter-day prophets, in his own words, bears testimony of the Messiah. This meaningful, affordable booklet is the ideal gift for friends and family this Christmas season.

About the Author

Laura F. Willes

Laura Fayone Willes, a Salt Lake City native, holds a degree in American Studies from the University of Minnesota. She has published two previous books, Minnesota Mormons and Community of Faith. Laura has been an early-morning seminary teacher, Gospel Doctrine teacher, and stake Relief Society president, and she served a full-time mission with her husband, Mark, as he presided over the Hawaii Honolulu Mission. She and her husband are the parents of five children and live in Utah.

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