Cinderella CTR

by Rick Walton

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Cinderella's life was perfect until an accident took the lives of her loving parents, leaving her at the mercy of a distant cousin in a distant land. Forced to leave her possessions behind, she carries to her new home the only memento she has of her past life—the CTR ring her parents had given her on her eighth birthday.

In the care of cruel Lilburna and her two daughters, Cinderella must scrub cellar doors with a toothbrush and endure the most frightful singing. But she draws strength and comfort from the ring on her finger, which reminds her of her parents' wise teachings. And when she's required to help the horrid Boggsy and Wyclia prepare for the royal ball, she ignores their sneers and jeers and makes quiet preparations of her own.

At the ball Cinderella captivates Prince Harold, who remembers her ring and declares that he will find and marry the young woman who knows its meaning. Princesses of all ages will love this fun fairy tale about the true meaning of "happily ever after."

About the Author

Rick Walton

Rick Walton is the author of more than eighty books, most of them for children and young readers. Among some of his most notable books are his bunny series with HarperCollins, Pig Pigger Piggest, and The Remarkable Friendship of Mr. Cat and Mr. Rat. He has worked with many national and regional publishers. One of his career-long pursuits has also been to teach and train up-and-coming writers and artists, part of which he does by teaching publishing classes at Brigham Young University and at various conferences. He lives in Provo, Utah, with his family.

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Happily Ever after renewed
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Wonderful look on how a princess can get her prince and still live her values. All young women should read this book.

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