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ClearPlay DVD Player

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The ClearPlay DVD player is an advanced Parental Control technology that lets you filter violence, sexual content, and profanity from regular DVD movies you already own or rent. With ClearPlay your family will be able to enjoy more movies together because ClearPlay lets you choose content that you want skipped or muted while you watch!

ClearPlay lets you turn ON or OFF up to 14 Filter Settings for each movie! You determine the Filter settings for your family. The DVD itself is never physically altered, but the movie is filtered during playback.

ClearPlay DVD player with USB New Features:

  • Instantly load new Filters from the ClearPlay FilterStikTM or nearly any other USB flash drive or memory card!
  • Store thousands of Filters on a USB flash drive or memory card!
  • Play MP3s and view pictures or JPEG files from most any memory card or USB device.
  • Does not physically alter the DVD's you rent or buy.
  • More advanced ClearPlay Filters give you even more customizability!
  • The ClearPlay DVD player seamlessly skips and mutes content based on 12 categories that you can set. ClearPlay Filters are hand-crafted by at team of Filter Developers who watch the movie and masterfully select where the player will remove content.

    ClearPlay works with thousands of movies. New Filters are generally made available the same day as new releases.

    Filters are then made available to members via a very easy-to-use download process. You can then copy the entire Filter library to your FilterStikT. Once inserted into your ClearPlay player any movie will automatically be filtered.

    *ClearPlay is currently available only for Region 1 DVDs that are available in the USA and Canada.

    *The price includes a free 60-day trial membership to ClearPlay. Information on extending your membership is included with your player.

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great idea
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Works really well and is a great thing to have in your home.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I have truly enjoyed this DVD. We have had it for over a year, and it's been such a blessing. It has brought back the shock factor that the world has become accustomed to.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

WE LOVE CLEARPLAY! I love this so much that if we are watching a movie at a friends house I will take it over there! Finally we can view movies and not have to close our eyes. You can set the settings that you want and it covers everything, believe me. It is definitely a must have in every house hold

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