Cliff Hanger

by Pamela Carrington Reid

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Product Description

A wild pig hunt, a terrifying storm at sea, a dead body found near Great Barrier Island, a mysterious stranger who keeps turning up in all the wrong places — and unsettling evidence that seems to point to the fact that Uncle Ammon himself is up to no good.

The Coffin House kids are at it again, and their summer vacation on Great Barrier Island promises to take them through a series of adventures that will leave them — and you — breathless.

Gifted LDS author Pamela Carrington Reid chooses the unique and intriguing setting of her native New Zealand to provide a rich backdrop for a story that is at once exciting and fun. Join Toni, Erana, and Wiremu in this exciting cliff hanger as they embark on a journey that challenges their wits and their courage — a journey that ultimately both tests and strengthens their faith.

About the Author

Pamela Carrington Reid

Pamela Carrington Reid is a native of Auckland, New Zealand, and resides there with her husband, Paul. They are the parents of five children. Teaching at BYU's Education Week and at other venues, she has lectured on personal and family history writing, family and marriage relations, religious philosophy, and fashion design. She has had several articles published in the New Era, Friend, and Ensign, and is the South Pacific editor for the Ensign. Pamela has also written film scripts for the LDS audience, including an adaptation of the movie Legacy.

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