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love it!!!
By , Submitted on 2015-12-11

Awesome talk!!

The invitation to "Come Unto Christ" is an ongoing process
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

With John Bytheway's trademark wit, humor and thought provoking stories ~ this powerful CD is not just for the youth, but for everyone that has accepted or will accept the Savior's invitation to "come unto Him." I love being taught the gospel in a way that causes me to think deeper and ponder, which this CD accomplishes beautifully. For some reason I was caught completely by surprise when John pointed out this enlightening concept ~ I do not have to be perfect before I "Come Unto Christ", a point I had somehow missed before. This gentle call from the Savior is not a one time invitation, but an ongoing, lifetime endeavor that should be at the top of our bucket lists.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Most people will listen to this TALK on a CD...
BUT...I am a 'READER'
Give we words, something to hold, and I enjoy it so much more!
So I was VERY EXCITED to find that Deseret Book had turned this into an ebook single.

We already know that John Bytheway is AMAZING!
He has a way of teaching that holds your attention.
He helps you laugh~
He helps you ponder~
He helps you want to live better~

'Come Unto Christ' is an invitation we have heard before...
Some of us are waiting to be perfect BEFORE we actually do it.

That is NOT the PLAN!
That is not the sequence of action we should be taking!

Do you speak before you think? (OK, I am guilty of that)
Do you clean your house before the maid comes? (OK, I would be guilty of that, if I had a maid :)

Do you get better and then go to the doctor?
Do you straighten your own teeth with a pair of pliers and then go to the orthodontist?
Do you fix the car and then go to the mechanic?

Think about these:
Do you rinse, lather, repeat?
Do you ready, fire, aim?
Do you open, shake well, serve?

So WHY do we feel we need to be perfect BEFORE we come unto Christ?
BECAUSE that is what Satan wants us to believe!

FUN stories!

A talk/book to help us see that "IT'S NOT ABOUT THE DISTANCE, IT'S ABOUT THE DIRECTION" we are headed.