Come unto Christ

by Lyndsi Houskeeper

2014 come unto christ

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Come unto Christ—Music for Youth 2014, the newest release from Lyndsi Houskeeper, is filled with inspiring, encouraging music written especially for the 2014 youth theme. As an inspirational songwriter and fireside performer, Lyndsi has become a favorite of youth and women worldwide. With Lyndsi’s distinctive voice and her own special style, this powerful, personal music will strengthen testimonies and inspire listeners of all ages. This album includes instrumental music that can be used at New Beginnings, Evenings of Excellence, and other activities.

About the Author

Lyndsi Houskeeper

Lyndsi Houskeeper has a remarkable way of capturing life's experiences and emotions and conveying them through music. With her pure voice and guitar in hand, she shares her songs with audiences of all ages at concerts and firesides throughout the west. Lyndsi has written and performed songs for several organizations, including Relief Society and Young Women's groups in many stakes. Lyndsi states that she is just grateful to be able to help people by doing something that she loves.

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