The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon: Articles from BYU Studies

by Various authors, BYU Studies

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This compilation of groundbreaking Book of Mormon articles is selected from over fifty years of LDS scholarship published by BYU Studies. This volume features articles on Moroni’s visits, the Anthon transcript, the original Book of Mormon manuscript, the Dogberry Papers, copyright law in 1830, and more.

A Survey of Pre-1830 Historical Sources Relating to the Book of Mormon
David A. Palmer
Where Were the Moroni Visits?
Russell R. Rich
The Anthon Transcript: People, Primary Sources, and Problems
Stanley B. Kimball
The Colesville Branch and the Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon
Larry C. Porter
The Original Book of Mormon Manuscript
Dean C. Jessee
The Dogberry Papers and the Book of Mormon
Russell R. Rich
Copyright Laws and the 1830 Book of Mormon
Nathaniel Hinckley Wadsworth
“Securing” the Prophet’s Copyright in the Book of Mormon: Historical and Legal Context for the So-called Canadian Copyright Revelation
Stephen Kent Ehat
“Entered At Stationers’ Hall”: The British Copyright Registrations for the Book of Mormon in 1841 and the Doctrine and Covenants in 1845
Edward L. Carter
The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon in the Twentieth Century
Noel B. Reynolds

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