A Companion to the Children's Songbook

by Alison Palmer

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Share the joy of singing with every child in your life. Quickly create a fun and uplifting Singing Time every week with no stress or headache! Whether you re a chorister, teacher, or parent, this is the best resource for teaching children a love of the gospel through music and song. Contains multiple lesson ideas for each song in the Children s Songbook, over 100 illustrations to customize for multiple uses, and simple instructions, regardless of your level of musical experience.

About the Author

Alison Palmer

Alison Palmer is a life-long member of the Church who has frequently found herself in front of a room full of Primary children armed with only a smile and a sincere love for the music of the gospel. She has served as nursery leader, pianist, chorister, teacher, den leader, and Primary president—and loved every minute of it.

Alison has written several other books for Primary children and their leaders and parents, including Family Night Lessons to Prepare Your Child for Baptism.

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