Confronting Pornography

by Rory C. Reid, Daniel D. Gray, Mark E. Chamberlain

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The plague of pornography is real, and it is growing. For those who are trapped by its power, the way out may seem impossible. President Gordon B. Hinckley spoke directly to those individuals struggling with an addiction to pornography: “May you plead with the Lord out of the depths of your soul that He will remove you from the addiction which enslaves you. And may you have the courage to seek the loving guidance of your bishop and, if necessary, the counsel of caring professionals.”

Confronting Pornography is a collection of chapters and essays from professional counselors and Church leaders, as well as from people who have overcome the addiction. This book is designed to offer help to those individuals caught in pornography's clutches and hope to all those who love them.

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Rory C. Reid

Rory C. Reid, MSW, is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of sexual impulsivity. He is the program director at the Provo Counseling Center and teaches part time at Brigham Young University. He coauthored the book Discussing Pornography Problems with a Spouse.

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Daniel D. Gray

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Mark E. Chamberlain

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A powerful tool to attack this addiction .
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book is so helpful! It includes sections for individuals struggling with an addiction to pornography as well as sections for their spouses, family, and ecclesiastical leaders. My wife found the section for spouses to be liberating and it brought her a better understanding of the addiction and it gave her a more hopeful perspective. For me as the one suffering, this book gave some of the best professional advice with specific action steps. This book is a collaborative work of different authors, ranging from professionals to those who have recovered from their addiction. The book is inline with the teachings of the LDS church. I'm grateful I found this book, it has helped me a great deal in my fight against pornography addiction!

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