Continue Your Journey and Let Your Hearts Rejoice: Talks from the 2013 BYU Women's Conference

by Compilation

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While on a mission in 1833, Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon felt concern for the families they had left behind. In an answer to their heartfelt prayers, Joseph Smith received Doctrine and Covenants 100, in which the Lord tells them, "Continue your journey and let your hearts rejoice; for behold, and lo, I am with you even unto the end" (v.12). With that message of comfort and peace, they completed their mission..

And so it is, or can be, with us—when we find ourselves in need of heavenly help, if we turn to the Lord, we will find the answer we seek. Collected in Continue Your Journey and Let Your Hearts Rejoice are eighteen talks given at the 2013 BYU Women's Conference. In them you will find guidance, comfort, and answers for your own journey.

"Because the Savior is with us, we must continue, embrace, and own the lives we are given, find ways to make them useful, and live every day of our eternal life—and that means today."—Elaine S. Marshall

"No matter how we are lost, no matter what the circumstances ... He is our Savior, and He will bring us back if we will turn around. The prodigal son had only to turn around and the father was there to invite him back."—Camille Fronk Olson

"When our focus is on Jesus Christ, we clear away the rubble that obscures the path and we build a foundation for our families on the rock of our Redeemer. The winds will blow and the mighty storms will beat upon us, but we will not falter."—Rosemary Wixom

"I think it helps to remember what we know about every single person we meet on this earth. If they have a body, these are some things we know: They are a child of God; they shouted for joy when the great plan of happiness was presented; they trusted and accepted Jesus Christ as the One who would become their Savior and Redeemer; they resisted the strong persuasions to become 'no-bodies'; they chose—as we did—to be 'some-bodies'! We may have known them very, very well!"—Mary Ellen Edmunds

"More than you may know, you are part of the Lord's promise to go with His servants on their challenging journeys in life. He sends friends. He sends the Holy Ghost to you and through you to the people He loves, watches over, and goes with."—President Henry B. Eyring

Contributors to this volume include:

  • President Henry B. Eyring
  • President Cecil O. Samuelson
  • Lisa Ramsey Adams
  • Rachel Bayles
  • JoLynn Bell
  • Collette Blackwelder
  • Stacey H. Edgington
  • Mary Ellen Edmunds
  • Cheryl A. Esplin
  • Kathleen H. Hinckley
  • Eric D. Huntsman
  • Michelle King
  • Cheryl Lant
  • Elaine S. Marshall
  • Carole Mikita
  • Camille Fronk Olson
  • Sharon G. Samuelson
  • Emily Snyder
  • Jean A. Stevens
  • Marie Pearson Tarbet
  • Brad Wilcox
  • Rosemary M. Wixom

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