The Continuous Atonement

by Brad Wilcox

The Continuous Atonement

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He makes all the difference.

“I'll never do it again,” we say — and then we do

it. In a world full of challenges, temptations, and even addictions, it is easy to lose hope for ourselves and those we love. During times of discouragement, we must remember that the purpose of the Atonement of Jesus Christ is not just to cleanse and console, but also to transform — and that takes time. Christ is not waiting at the finish line once we have done —all we can do.” He is with us every step of the way, and His Atonement will be available as long as the perfecting process takes — continually.

This book offers valuable insights about God, Christ, and our relationship with them. Each chapter contains clear examples that will uplift and motivate. Profound doctrine is made accessible and difficult concepts are presented in such simple ways that over and over the reader will say, “I've never thought of it like that before.” That kind of change of belief will help bring about a change of behavior.

Most members of the Church acknowledge that perfection is a long-term process, but overlook the continuous nature of Christ's Atonement that makes that process possible. Peace is found not by giving up or erasing the need to change, but by turning to the One who makes change possible and realizing that we get lots of chances to start again. So, if at first you don't succeed either, don't find excuses. Find the Savior and the blessings of His continuous Atonement.

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WOW!!! The perspective in this book has given me hope and changed me in a way nothing else has!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

WOW, WOW, WOW! This book is amazing. You can tell Brad Wilcox has thought for a very long time about this book because it is so profound, yet simple to understand. I've never understood the atonement more clearly and never felt so much hope in my entire life. Thanks Brad!

This book is awesome!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I love all the personal examples Bro. Wilcox uses to illustrate key points in each chapter. They really help to clarify how the atonement works for each of us. This book is hopeful, understandable, and masterfully written! Thank you for your thought-provoking insights on a topic so vitally important to each of us. I will read this book over and over again!

Bro. Wilcox's discussion of the Atonement provided insight that I have been seeking for a long time.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book provided me with an instant insight into the personal nature of the atonement and how important it is for me to understand the Savior's purposes and intentions. Without question, this is Brad Wilcox's most significant work. As he described the importance of strengthening our personal relationship with the Savior by improving our understanding of how the Atonement works at a very personal level, I found myself empowered to truly realize the blessings Our Heavenly Father intends for me. Thank you, Brother Wilcox, for such an outstanding discussion of such an important doctrine.

About the Author

Brad Wilcox

BRAD WILCOX has lived in Ethiopia, Chile, and New Zealand; he and his family now make their home amid the Rocky Mountains. Brad taught sixth grade before obtaining his PhD in education from the University of Wyoming. His contributions as an author and teacher have been honored by the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, and his work has appeared in Guideposts magazine and Reader's Digest. He once served as a member of the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America and has addressed thousands of youth and adults across the United State, Europe, Australia, and Japan. He and his wife, Debi, are the parents of four children.

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