Cookies to Die For

by Dene Low

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“Write what you know,” Jane’s college writing instructor was saying. “Write about a personal experience. So many of my students over the years have written improbable stories about spies or the CIA or the Mafia.” These lighthearted instructions presented a challenge — because who would ever believe Jane’s unlikely tale? As the busy mother of four rambunctious sons, down time for Jane has always been hard to come by. So when her crazy brood embarks on a week-long campout with her husband, Jane eagerly anticipates a week of solitude and relaxation. But she is anything but alone. A pair of criminals has taken up residence in her suburban home, and Jane is an unwitting pawn in their bumbling attempt to attain a key piece of evidence they believe is hidden on the property. Appeasing the villains with her irresistible home cooking, Jane struggles to unravel the mystery and plot her escape. And with time running out to foil her clumsy captors, Jane must rely on unconventional methods if she has any hope of slipping through their clutches. Who knew that the lessons learned in Relief Society would come in handy in the face of disorganized crime?

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