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By , Submitted on 2016-07-27

This book is fantastic! The author has taken twelve lessons from the New Testament that Jesus taught in the actual homes of His followers. The idea is to focus on one lesson each month to have a more Christ-centered home by the end of the year.

As there's more and more uncertainty in the world, our homes need to be the place where positive changes are made and each family member can feel a closer connection to Christ. Each chapter starts with the author sharing scriptures, quotes and questions to ponder which would be helpful to read and study in preparation for sharing the lesson. The lesson itself is pretty short and consists of three parts: The Conversation, which gives scriptures to read together and is a summary of what she talks about; The Connection, where she gives suggestions to connect with and apply the message; and The Celebration, where she includes quick and easy treat ideas. It's perfect to use for Family Home Evening.

The messages in this book are timely and I enjoyed each one of them. One I'm looking forward to sharing with my family is the eighth month, "Forget Your Perfect Offering." This chapter deals with the fact that none of us are perfect and we need to turn to Christ to help us make positive changes in our lives. She also talks about helping our children remember who they really are and to help each of them find the gifts they have been given by God.

There are lots of gems in this book and I'm excited for the amazing discussions that will come from reading and studying each of these topics. The lessons apply to individuals as well as families so everyone will benefit from reading and applying them. I also love her invitation at the beginning to join this journey and that it's not meant to overwhelm, but simply to enrich. She did a great job of keeping it simple yet powerful. This is a life-changing book and one that I highly recommend!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review. My opinion is 100% my own.

Inspiring lessons to bring Christ into our homes and families
By , Submitted on 2016-06-20

This book is a collection of lessons or devotionals focusing on how to bring a knowledge of Christ and His messages to the entire family. There are several lessons with stories, personal anecdotes, scriptures, questions and answers and thoughts to teach, inspire, and build a stronger relationship with our savior Jesus Christ.

There are 12 lessons with the idea to focus on each lesson for one month to cover a year of coming closer to Christ. I like how each section is short, inspiring, and easy to incorporate into a busy life. I like the challenges, promises, and ideas shared. Emily Freeman is a wonderful nonfiction writer and I've read and enjoyed many of her books previously. I'm looking forward to implementing these lessons into my home over the next year. So far, I've especially loved the second month, "Expect Miracles." Just the title of that section is inspiring. To think of living our lives to expect miracles because we have been promised so many when we keep God's commandments, do our best, and notice all of our blessings.

I received a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Excellent FHE Resource
By , Submitted on 2016-05-30

The Christ-Centered Home isn't the typical kind of book that I pick up, but as I've been thinking more and more about the obstacles my children are facing (and will face) I've realized that I need to step up the spiritual teaching my husband and I do at home.

I really like how the book is broken up into lessons for twelve months. We try to have a family night each week, and as I read the introduction and the first chapter to myself, I knew that this would be great material for our family night lessons.

The first month says "Invite Him In". I really liked the directive to apply Zacchaeus' story to our lives. We read the ten verses from Luke 19 together, and discussed it focusing on the three important lessons included in the book. The book then directed us to come up with something we could do for the month to invite the Spirit of the Lord into our home. One thing that we've been having a lot of contention over is messes, so our goal was to be more mindful of putting our things away, and helping others with that as well. It might not scream spirituality, but when we're being kind there is definitely a better feeling in our home. And less clutter helps with peace.

"A home where Jesus would choose to abide doesn't just happen by chance; it is something we must intentionally create day after day after day."

This first month was definitely a trial run. Although I thought I noticed a difference in the amount of our messes, I realized when I reviewed it with my family this week that even though I was thinking about our goal throughout the month, it wasn't on the forefront of their minds. I wrote the goal down in the book, but didn't hang it up somewhere (as advised) as a reminder for everyone. I also should have taken the time each week to review it with them. We'll concentrate on it this last week of the month (with a visual reminder this time).

I'm looking forward to applying the rest of the lessons over the next year. The format is one that seems like it will work well with our family.

The Gospel in Action
By , Submitted on 2016-05-30

The gospel in action is how I would describe this book. Emily Belle Freeman takes stories of the Savior in the New Testament and illustrates how we can use them in our lives.

The book is set up in 12 sections. Each chapter is meant to become a conversation for the family for a month. This book is meant to be taught in the home for a year.

I loved that the book takes the gospel and expounds it in a simple manner. Each chapter has a picture of an old door. I pondered the pictures and realized that it could be a door to our homes and hearts. Are we opening them to Jesus Christ.

Each chapter is excellent. I appreciated the stories and the insight into the Savior's life. The chapter that meant the most to me was month 6, Be Nice. Be Sweet. The reason's behind this is probably the spirit of contention that is often in my home. My kids often do not get along. (I imagine that this is the case in many homes.) At the end of each chapter is a lesson that can be shared with the family. They have a Conversation and a Connection. The Connection is a practical application or activity for the family to do together. In this chapter it is to write each person's name at the top with the words "I love you because..." The papers are displayed for family members to write why they love the person as they pass by. Because I received this book to review, I didn't have a month to put up papers. We did this activity tonight while everyone was gathered for Memorial Day Dinner. I told them the day before to be thinking about reasons that they loved each member of the family. There were some great things that came from this activity and laughter at the table. My kids weren't trying to put each other down and there was a feeling of unity. It was great!

I marked up my book and tagged several pages. This is a book that would be great to read again and again. The lessons strengthen not only families but individuals. A quote that I shared with my family that spoke to me is "It is true that Satan is intent on destroying each of us; it is also true that the greatest desire of the Lord is that our faith will not fail. We live in a world fraught with spiritual peril. Our beliefs are being tested on every side. Daily we have moments in which we must choose whether we will stand true to our beliefs or deny the faith."

This book will appeal to Christians of different denominations. The lessons that Christ taught are priceless and I appreciate the insight that Emily Belle Freeman shares with her readers.

A must read!
By , Submitted on 2016-05-30

In The Christ-Centered Home, Emily walks you through the different homes that Christ taught in throughout the New Testament. I love her introduction that talks about how we can best learn how to make our homes Christ-centered by seeing how Christ taught in the home. She suggests that you read each chapter and then take a time to share and discuss it with your own family. We take so much on as parents to make our home a place of refuge and where the Spirit can be, but it’s important to remember that the children can also be apart of creating a strong home. So for a family home evening night or a family discussion, you can share the story and what you learned. You can also share a fun treat that goes with the story. And this is all done for you in the book! Each chapter ends with a template on how to discuss the topic with your family.

I also love that in each chapter Emily has thought-provoking questions that apply to the topic of the chapter. She helps you really think about how you feel about things, how you’re responding, and what’s going on in your home. I think once you actually think about it and identify how you feel, then you can better identify what needs to change or what is already going well.

Emily Belle Freeman is one of my favorite authors. She is easy to connect with and her passion is easily seen in the pages. Definitely read The Christ-Centered Home to help invite Jesus in.

Love this great book!
By , Submitted on 2016-05-25

I was excited to get this book to use. I love the way that Emily Belle Freeman writes. Her style is almost conversational and easy to read. This book is really amazing!

I love the whole premise behind it. From each of the homes that the Savior was in during his ministry there is a story and a lesson. At the end of those there is basically a lesson plan where there's the scripture to talk about and the things to bring out of the scripture, and also something to kind of work on as a family for a month, along with a delicious recipe to make and eat as you are having this lesson with your family. I loved that it's not a specific lesson, more like read this scripture and discuss, I feel like this is the way you are really able to teach something, where each person might learn something out of it individually just for them.

I shared a lesson on love with my family this week. I loved the way there were different things brought out of a scripture story that was already familiar to me. Things I had never thought of with as many times as I had read it. I was hoping that the lesson on love would help our family, lately we've had many fights breaking out between our oldest and middle daughter and I was hoping that there was something in this story that could help that. As I've watched our girls since our family talked about this story, I'm noticing that there have been fewer fights, and they are spending more time together, so something sunk in. That's a mom win right there!

This is a great book and I can't wait to be able to talk more about the lessons and the scriptures with our family!