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Fantastic and Funny
By , Submitted on 2017-02-13

I haven't dated anyone besides my husband for a long, long time and yet this book almost made me wish for those dating years again so that I could try some of these things. Luckily for me, I'm pretty happy, so I'll just have to apply the few tips for married couples.

This author has a way with words! Combine that with his contagious enthusiasm and it makes for a fun, highly entertaining, and educational read. I found myself flying through the pages because of all the crazy experiences, humor, and laughs. I can't believe the kinds of things he went through in the dating world before finding his wife.

There are things that I completely agree with and things I've never thought of, and this would be a great guide for those navigating the dating waters. In fact, I have two teenagers who could probably benefit from reading this. And as an afterthought, it sounds like I need to invest in a hot tub. :)

*I received a copy through the publisher, which didn't affect my thoughts and opinions in any way.*

Puts the 'Ting' in dating
By , Submitted on 2017-02-12

Are you dating? Have you ever? Would you like to be?
Does the prospect sound . . . scary?
There is help.
Fun, funny, practical, conversational, direct, real, sympathetic, encouraging, helpful help.
From a young man who has done it.
Again and again and again and . . . you get the point.
Zack Oates has compiled the lessons gleaned from sincerely trying to find—not the perfect girl—but the one who will walk with him through everything that life can throw. Over 1000 times.
This book is like sitting down with a friend. A good friend who will point out your strengths. But also your faults.
How can you go wrong with chapters such as:
You Don’t Stink at Dating, You’re Just a Good Person
Dating Is like Passing Gas—If You Try Too Hard, It Hurts
Six Ways to Know That You Are the Straight Gay Best Friend
Girls Go for Bad Boys Because Good Guys Are Idiots
Be You . . . But in Doses
Pepto-Bismol Your Relationship
True Love Isn’t a Fairy Tale—It Does Exist!
After reading Zack Oates’ utterly delightful book, Dating Never Works . . . Until it Does. 100 lessons from 1000 Dates, I almost want to go back and try it all over again.

Not only for those trying to find their future spouse...but for anyone really!
By , Submitted on 2017-02-09

I don't really need a find your love type book, but I have to say reading the premise behind this one made me smile and I just wanted to read it. Plus...don't you just love the cover!

I do have to admit that even though I'm already married, I did learn things from this book. I learned about kindness, love and the author had some really great dating ideas at the end that anyone can use. And I really loved the ideas for how those of us who are married can treat the single people around us, so that they feel accepted and loved in every situation.

I really enjoyed reading this book. The author's writing style is super easy to read and it's really fun. I loved the way he had personal stories from both his dating life and friends dating lives sprinkled throughout the whole book. Some of these stories made me laugh out loud!

This book is a great one for not only those trying to find their future spouse, but for anyone really!

Such a Fun Dating Guide
By , Submitted on 2017-01-05

I am not in the dating world any more which I am very thankful for. I decided to join this tour because I do have a daughter that is in the dating world. I thought it would be fun to read the "mans" point of view on dating. This book was a lot of fun. It was like Oates was sitting in the room with you having a discussion on how he got to where he is today. It's entertaining, and a great "guide" to dating.

This book has so many great ideas for dating. There are so many things in this book I tell my kids all the time, and it was fun to see another perspective. He is so funny in this book. One of his headings says "Dating is like passing gas - if you try too hard, it hurts". I laughed so hard.

There is a lot of great advice in this book. Some of them are.....

"Don't worry why they waited an extra five minutes to text you back, but just be grateful you are texting. Enjoy the process and try not to get caught up in the details" (why do girls always make everything so important while dating, and forget to enjoy the ride).

"...if you never leave the safety of the friend zone, you'll never have anything but friends." (too many kids now a days just want to "hang out" instead of breaching the "friend zone").

There is a quote in the book from Tony Robbins that Oates heard in a conference. He was talking about a change of perspective...."...Nothing in the world changed in the last five minutes besides your perspective. The positive attitude to succeed is completely up to you"

I really enjoy the date ideas at the end. I am an old married woman but never too old to date my husband. Plus, that is part of the "working" on my relationship.

This really is a great book. Even if you are not in the dating world anymore, there are some great ideas on ways to work on your relationship. Marriage is work. Sometimes it's hard and sometimes it's not, but it's work. I am sure it took all of us going through many "duds" to get to our "Prince Charming's". Take some advice from Oates, and read this book. You will enjoy it so much.

Source: I was given this book as part of a blog tour. I was not compensated in any way for this review. These are my own PERSONAL thoughts on the book.