Days Never to be Forgotten: Oliver Cowdery

by Alexander L. Baugh

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Product Description

Oliver Cowdery was “chosen to stand at Joseph’s side during many of the miraculous events of the Restoration,” writes Elder Marlin K. Jensen, Church historian and recorder. “With both voice and pen, he eloquently and courageously witnessed to the reality of those events. His support of Joseph and assistance with the leadership of the restored Church in its first decade helped lay a foundation of doctrine and practice that blesses Latter-day Saints to the present day. Oliver Cowdery deserves to be remembered and appreciated.” Days Never to Be Forgotten: Oliver Cowdery gathers selected presentations from the annual BYU Church History Symposium hosted by BYU Religious Education. This book explores the life and the many roles filled by this vital figure in Church history.

About the Author

Alexander L. Baugh

ALEXANDER L. BAUGH was born and raised in Logan, Utah. He completed a master's degree at BYU in history in 1986 with an emphasis in western American and Mormon history. He became a full-time faculty member in Religious Education at bYU after completing his PhD in American history. In addition to his professorship, he also serves as a co-director of research for the Religious Studies Center at Brigham Young University. Professor Baugh and his family reside in Highland, Utah.

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