Decisions Determine Your Destiny

by Brandon Doman

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In 2001, BYU football fans knew him as "The Domanator." Since then, Brandon Doman has played three seasons as a quarterback in the NFL. Last year, Brandon returned to BYU as the quarterback coach under head coach Bronco. Mendenhall.

In this fireside presentation, Brandon Doman, teaches Latter-day Saint youth the importance of preparation and making good decisions. He says, "When preparation meets opportunity, it's a formula for success." Listeners will learn the importance of living high standards, being a "good" Mormon, and following the promptings of the Spirit. Young men who are thinking about serving a mission will especially benefit from Brandon's motivating counsel.

"Funny, inspirational and motivating! I can't imagine any father who wouldn't want his son to hear this message, and BYU football fans will love it!" — John Bytheway

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